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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

National Museum of the Philippines: Museums & Galleries Month-Long Celebration This October!

The National Museum is the cultural repository center of the Philippines that preserves our country's rich artistic, historical, and cultural heritage. Inside the National Museum lies the national cultural treasures of the Philippines - a collection of the best of the best - a collection of thousands of fine art and natural history pieces from all over the Philippines.
Facade of the National Museum

The About Me section of National Museum :p

Are you ready to see what's inside the National Museum? Let's go!

Introducing Dr. Jose Rizal to the younger generation is much easier to do here

One of my favorite art pieces
"Nino Gritando" by Isabelo Tampinco

And of course, do not ever miss this...
The Spoliarium by Juan Luna (1884)
Seeing The Spoliarium up close was just too overwhelming

Start them young

Entrance fees are as follows: Php150 for adults, Php120 for Senior Citizens, and Php50 for students.

Good news! Admission to the National Museum is FREE to the public for the whole month of October. This is in line with the celebration of "Museums and Galleries" every October (Proclamation No. 798 by former President Corazon Aquino).

For more information, you can visit their official website, The National Museum is located at P. Burgos Drive at the Old Finance Building, Rizal Park, Manila and is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10:00AM-5:00PM. You may also check their official Facebook Page here.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Where to Stay in Baler: Desiree's Lodge and Transient House

Desiree's Lodge and Transient House is located at 092 Buton St., Brgy. Sabang, Baler, Aurora. It is approximately around 5 minute walk to the beach.

Please disregard the 'packs' :P

We rented the whole place for Php3000 only good for 10 pax.
A two-storey nipa hut w/ own CR, Dining, Kitchen, and a big room good for 10 pax

Back to Basics type of accommodation

The comfort room is clean and acceptable. :)

Desiree's Lodge and Transient House
Contact Person: Edith
Contact Nos: 09217518490, 09295939777, 09498590482

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Where to Stay in Baler: Pleasant Valley Guesthouse

Pleasant Valley Guesthouse is located at Purok 4, Bgy. Sabang, Baler, Aurora. It is 300 meters away from Sabang Beach which is approximately around 15 to 20 minute walk to the beach.
The welcome facade of Pleasant Valley Guesthouse

All rooms in Pleasant Valley are nipa hut keeping the rustic vibe of the whole resort.

A peek inside the rooms...
Air conditioned rooms have 1 32-inch TV inside

Comfort rooms are located outside the nipa hut rooms.

Common CR. Don't worry, it's clean.

I super love the simplicity of this resort

Other details/features:
- wide space for parking
- big outdoor pool
- hammock :)
- WIFI connection
- activities: boating, fishing

Mornings like this.
Priceless. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ideal Gifts for Travelers this Christmas 2015

They say that when September comes, which starts the 'ber' months, time flies so fast and all we know is... it's Christmas. Everyone gets to be too busy with a lot of things - parties, gift buying, shopping, family get together, etc.

Since many people ('millenial' or not) nowadays are into traveling, let me share you some ideas on what to give them this coming Christmas Season.

1. Wanderskye Travel Covers
A very creative way to express oneself... well, the traveler's way. Wanderskye is proudly a Filipino brand. Its dedication is to bring fun, unique, and practical travel accessories for everyone. The products of Wanderskye are designed by local artists. Price is Php1,195 only.

Wanderskye Travel Covers allow discerning travelers to protect their luggage 
and travel in style at the same time
(Photo grabbed from

2. Travel-Inspired Tees
What type of traveler are you? Show it by wearing a travel-inspired T-Shirt. Since traveling is in, a lot of companies are now including travel and places in their fashion collection. Good move! :)
 Philippines' 7,107 Islands by Uniqlo

Cool Shirt by Souvenir Republic. Price is Php295.00 only.

3. Cool and Quirky Bags

4. Loudbasstard
Loudbasstard is an innovative eco-friendly bamboo speaker amplifier. These bamboo speaker amplifiers are carefully handcrafted by Cebuanos in Cebu, Philippines and are being distributed and applauded in the international market. Price is Php1,348.85 only.

5. Scratch Map
Scratch off all the places you have visited in the Philippines. Well, maps are more fun in the Philippines!
This cool map is for Php1,350 only.
(Photo Credit: Quirks Novelties & Curiosity's website)

6. Coin Banks
Sure! Coin banks will inspire you to save more for your dream destinations or upcoming getaways. Wish it works like Slots Heaven, it will double or triple the savings though. Slots Heaven provides wide range of exciting gaming opportunities.

Anyways, these nifty cute travel fund coin banks below are available in Papemelroti stores nationwide. Price is Php79.00 only.
(Photo Credit: Papemelroti's website)

7. Travel-Inspired Wall Decors
These wall decors will definitely complete the wanderlust atmosphere of a travel enthusiast's room. Do not worry! These wall decors are not heavy - they are made of medium density fiberboard (composite wood product). Price is Php698 only.

P.S. This is not your ordinary wall decor. 
You can pin your travel memories on this 'Map Your Travels Board' 
(Photo Credit: Papemelroti's website)

8. Ahon Gaiters
Ahon Gaiters are pair of garment or special fabric that are being attached to the opening of the shoe to prevent different particles such as sand, small rocks, and dirt to come in. These shoe accessories protect our traveling feet from blisters or hot spots. Ahon Gaiters provide extra comfort too.

Have you decided what to give your traveler friends? I hope I am included in your list. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

#Hugots on the Road: Braving Manila's Worst Traffic with Feelings

For the past week, I heard a lot of traffic terror stories; the usual 1 hour travel time took 3.5 to 6 hours. And yes, it was traumatizing and totally such a waste of time.

Someone said before that, "Traffic is not fatal" or "Hindi nakakamatay ang traffic." Haven't this person learned about what Sottie Waves said? "People die everyday, some mentally, some physically and others emotionally."

Just imagine how millions of people or even a little percent of that who were stuck in traffic started comparing EDSA on how they were feeling at that very exact time. Imagine how many people started thinking, "S*#t! Para akong EDSA, di pa rin ako nakaka-move on." But then again, take note, the dilemma lasted for about 6 hours...

For the broken-hearted
Para sa mga iniwan, sinaktan, umasa, at pinaglaruan
1. "Nandito pa rin ako. Kung di kaya ako late sa date natin noong isang linggo. Tayo pa rin kaya? Ako pa rin kaya? Sana ako na lang ulit."

2. "6 hours na ako dito. Parang tayo, 6 years na. Akala ko lang pala aandar at may mapupuntahan pero wala pala. Wala."

3. "Buti pa ang EDSA, hindi ako balak pakawalan."

4. "May mga tao talagang ayaw magparaya."

5. "Hindi lahat nang umaalis, bumabalik. Yung iba nakakabalik pero huli na, may iba na. Bwisit na EDSA to!"

6. "Ano ba iyan! Umuulan na nga, traffic pa. Tapos ako, niloko pa!"

7. "Sana para akong kotse, may wipers na lang din yung mata ko. Para tuwing nababasa ang mata ko, walang makakaalam na lumuluha ako... na nasasaktan ako.

For the Hopeless Romantic
1. "Pero ang tagal ko na dito. Ang tagal ko nang nag-hihintay."

2. "Parang Uber, habang tumatagal, lalong napapamahal."

3. To EDSA: "Kahit saan-saan ako magpasikot-sikot, sa iyo lang humihinto ang mundo ko."

4. To the tune of, "I would die everyday waiting for you..."

5. "Kelan kaya mawawala ang traffic dito? Hmmm... Sa tamang panahon."

For Two-Timers
1. "Ano ba yan! Di man lang pwedeng kumaliwa!"

On the Rocks
1. "Sabi ko sayo 'wag tayo dito dumaan eh! Lagi naman ikaw ang tama eh. Ikaw na lang lagi ang nasusunod.

2. "Nakakapagod yung traffic. Parang Ikaw."

3. Rider/Commuter: "Manong, gagalaw pa kaya 'to?" (referring to traffic)
Driver: "Tiwala lang."

4. Guadalupe to Makati ride took 3 hours. "So near yet so far..."

5. "Kasi kung magbibigayan lang, pwede namang umayos eh. Pwede pang maayos."

Just like what I said a couple of times, I prefer going somewhere far than traveling within the city. 'Coz at times, it is traumatizing... at times, you just want to stay at home and hide your feelings. :)

How about you? What have you been realizing while you were caught in traffic?

Surfing in Baler: Riding the Waves of Baler, Aurora

Baler is one of the surfing spots in the Philippines. It is considered as the oldest surf communities in the Philippines and is being considered as the birthplace (or origin) of surfing in our country.
There are a lot of surfing points in Baler - Sabang Beach, Cemento Beach, Charlie's Point, and Lindy's Point. Sabang Beach is perfect for beginners.

Riding the Waves of Sabang Beach
I never thought that there would ever be a chance that I'll try surfing; I am quite scared of the waves plus I really do not know how to swim like a pro that was why I never dared to. But as the saying goes, "Life starts at the end of your comfort zone", so....

Pink on Yellow :)

For Php350 only, I got an hour board rental with instructor. I'm kinda nervous since it was my first-time; I've been wanting to try this since I find surfers soooo hot. Oops! Well, I just want to belong. Just want to try if I'll look hot too. :p
Surfing lessons are being conducted by surfin' locals

Rate is Php350 for an hour surfboard rental + surf instructor. If you're a pro or a legit surfer and there's no need for an instructor, rate is Php200/hour, Php400/half day, and Php800/whole day.

After a 15-minute surfing lesson for beginners, you are ready to roll...

Like this...

But surfing ain't easy for everyone, there would be dozens of time that you'll be wiped out and get tumbled off your surfboard. Yes, surfing life is not easy.

I can no longer count how many times I did drown myself and how many liters of saltwater I did consume. It's kinda tiring and exciting at the same time.
Since a lot of surfers are super duper hot with their six-pack-abs...
"Akala ko pag dinikit ko yung tiyan ko sa surfboard, magkaka-abs din ako. Badtrip, hindi effective!"

Ehem, my turn. :)
Oha! Oha! Sumakay ka pa! :P

You may surf in Baler all year round but the surfing season here is from September to March when big and best waves come in.

For Baler Travel Guide and Itinerary, click here.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Beyond Philippines: Hongkong Trip on a Budget

‘Traveling is a hobby of the rich men’ – says somebody! However, this is a rather old saying because actually it is now very easy and affordable to travel, visit places, and fill your mind with new experiences. Here we’ll discuss how you can visit Hong Kong, one of the most popular destinations of all time, on a limited budget. You cannot obviously expect all riches and luxuries of the world, but we can tell you that you are in no way going to be dissatisfied!

We live in a smart age and it pays to be tech savvy, as the most basic thing that you ought to do is search the Internet for free deals and coupons on offers otherwise you might have only dreamed of. And even if there's nothing that goes well with your plans, you can be sure that Target coupons will at least help you equip on a budget.
And now, let’s explore Hong Kong!

Make a visit to Victoria Harbor for FREE
A must go tourist spot in Hong Kong – here you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the harbor and skyscrapers along it. The views from both, Tsim Sha Tsui side and the Hong Kong Island side are great and no fee is charged to enjoy them.

Save on transportation
As Hong Kong is a strongly vibrant city you won’t mind using your legs to go from a place to another. The skyscrapers, fascinating people, bright lights, and the road-side food are enough to keep you entertained at all times. You can just stroll around and give your eyes a treat!

Avenue of the stars for FREE
Avenue of the Stars is a 440m long promenade located on Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. Built on the same lines as the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, this place provides you the best of Asian film industries. You might not be familiar with many names, but they are all the most important celebrities, actors, directors, opera stars and scriptwriters of Hong Kong movies over the last 100 years.

Star Ferry from Tsim Shu Tsui to Wanchai for $2.20
It is a must-visit on your list when you are on a trip to Hong Kong. You can board a nice ferry for just $2.20 and enjoy the short journey. Given the prices in Hong Kong, it really comes at an unbelievably low price.

Snoopy’s World, Chinese temples, and the museums (only on Wednesday) are free for you to explore as well. This is how you can go sightseeing and enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong. The lodging is also important and there is a wide price range for you to choose from. Be it a budget hotel or a 5-star one, you're sure to find something for yourself.

Wishing you a successful, exciting, and joyous budget trip to Hong Kong!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Philippine Holidays 2016: Regular Holidays, Special Non-Working Days, Special Holidays, and Long Weekends

A big shout out to the President and Malacanang for announcing the 2016 holidays ahead of time (not to mention also that they maintain a very updated website, Official Gazette - This is totally a great help for planning our trips ahead, when to plot for our leaves, and hmmm... when to expect for cheap flights a.k.a seat sales. :)


 As early as now, let's mark our calendars and plan for our trips - may it be a budget or a luxury travel, it does not really matter as long as we spend these days with our families and loved ones.
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