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Friday, August 18, 2017

Travel Trends: Non-Hotel Accommodations

Agoda, one of the world’s largest accommodation booking platforms, today reveals the motivations and booking behaviors driving the rise in non-hotel accommodation (NHAs) - also known as homestays. agoda’s inventory of over 1.5 million properties worldwide have included all sorts of homestays for years, providing a unique lens to the impact of NHAs over time.
  1. Travelers are more likely to stay in a home when close to home

Domestic travelers are more likely to book homestays. But they are also more likely to consider booking privately-owned homes/apartments when traveling to their neighbors, neighboring countries that is.

Travelers from Indonesia (79%), Singapore (71%), Philippines (82%) and Thailand (80%) will most likely consider booking homestays when traveling within Asia. Similarly, travelers from the UK (88%), US (84%) and Australia (75%) will most likely consider booking a privately-owned home within their home continent.

  1. Reasons for choosing a hotel alternative varies across countries

Indonesians (55%), Malaysians (54%) and Filipinos (53%) will book NHAs to accommodate families and large groups.  

Meanwhile, Singaporeans (57%), Thais (54%) and Australians (46%) view NHAs as a less expensive option to a hotel room.

Adventurous Chinese travelers mostly consider NHAs to get a more local travel experience (55%).

3. NHA types

Amongst non-hotel bookers, there is a clear trend in the most popular type of NHAs booked per market
  • B&Bs rank first for Filipino travelers, with 53% of those surveyed having booked one in the past year
  • Private homes are among the favorites for travelers from Singapore (44%), Malaysia (40%) and Australia (38%)
  • Villas and guest houses are well liked by Indonesian (37%, 36%) and Thai (31%, 32%) travelers

Connecting these travelers to homestay properties is Agoda Homes, a portal for home owners to list their properties to millions of agoda users worldwide, at no cost.

“Agoda has offered a variety of homes for many years now, and we will continue to build our inventory to offer travelers more choice – from more conventional options like a private home or a villa to unique properties like a treehouse or even a yacht.” said Andy Edwards, agoda’s Global Director for Brand and Marketing Communication.

The Agoda Travel & Tech Study is based on a survey of 16,000+ respondents aged 18-64 across 15 countries and covers the motivations and booking behavior of travelers in the age of tech innovation.

Fancy gently rocking to sleep on the waves? Or waking up in a treehouse?  Or standing in your own kitchen and seeing a mountain view you’ve never seen before? From quirky to luxurious, here are some of Agoda’s most extraordinary Agoda Homes for travelers to satisfy their wanderlust:

Tegal Panggung Guest House (Jogjakarta)

Rumah Pohon Tree House (Bali)

Under the Coconut Tree Hoi Ann (Hoi Ann, Vietnam)

Luxury Yacht MM2 (Phuket, Thailand)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Exotic Tourist Destinations That Will Strengthen Your Feelings

Summer is the season that everyone has been waiting for. Especially when you have somebody to spend your vacations with. They can either be friends, colleagues or your beloved family. But spending summer holidays with your beloved person is a whole new level of fun. Of course, you may expect sensual trips to local restaurants (trying exotic food for the first time is always fun), romantic walks and crazy nights on the beach or in the clubs, whatever you are up to.
Sometimes we spend too much time with our partner, so you feel like separated trips would only strengthen the bonds of love between you two. But that’s very risky – we all know about vacation flirting and how easy everything happens when you are formally single. So why not trying other options like holiday that have some spice to it. If you used to travel solo, find a companion among travel girls for dating. Come on, you need to shake it up and place yourself in some crazy circumstances. We need some funny and horrifically embarrassing situations that your friends would be so excited to listen over a coffee. Get prepared to hear top-5 crazy places that will only attract you stronger to each other:
1. Visit one of the most famous nudist beaches in Caribbean Sea. Orient Bay is the place for those people, who are not afraid of judgment. Even though you probably haven’t been on such a funny expedition, you might want to try to go nude for a day – it’s so risky and exotic. Once you two take off your clothes, you realize that Caribbean tourists are people without prejudices, you will also understand what call of nature is. Besides that, it’s one more story to share (not with your parents, though).
2. Get married in McDonalds. Although it seems like a joke, if you visit Hong-Kong, you can undergo a unique experience of such an unusual wedding. Everyone has heard of one-minute ceremonies in Las-Vegas, but this one is ten times funnier! Already, three Hong Kong McDonald's restaurants, whose golden arches have become one of the main symbols of American culture, are beginning to accept applications for the "McWeddings" (weddings at McDonald's). "At traditional weddings, the bride and groom eat cherries and then kiss. At our weddings, the newlyweds will eat fries and kiss ", - quotes South China Morning Post representative Helen Chang.
3. Visit Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. Serengeti is the most famous park in Tanzania. On the vast plains and meadows you can often see how the lions hunt for cloven-hoofed animals. The Serengeti Park is also famous for the great migrations of zebras and antelopes of wildebeest commence in the Masai Mara. If you feel adventurous, you can sign up for an interesting safari and bring home lots of stories and photos.
4. Go on an unforgettable diving tour. Traveling to Thailand with one of the best Russian brides is an unforgettable experience. Diving in Thailand is one of the most popular entertainment. The main region for diving is the Andaman Sea, the starting point is Phuket. There are diving centers on Koh Chang, but it's more for the inexperienced divers and beginners. Chang is mainly positioned as a place for snorkeling. Here you can see lots of exotic and very beautiful animals like sharks, turtles and different ocean fishes.
5. Become ninjas in Japan. Ninjas are secret agents of feudal Japan. Over time, they disappeared, but in Tokyo there is one of the few remaining ninja senses, including one that straightened at once with the 13 members of the Yakuza. Training can be difficult, but you will learn to be a true shinobi. What an unforgettable journey for you two. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Tagaytay Sidetrip: The Puzzle Mansion Museum in Tagaytay

Tagaytay City has always been one of the favorite spots for quick weekend getaways with family and friends. Its perfect location (approximately less than 1.5 hrs drive from Manila), its cool breeze plus the fact that it is becoming a haven for foodies are only some of the many reasons why Tagaytay City has gained the popularity.

So what other things can you guys do in Tagaytay? Go for a side trip to The Puzzle Mansion.

The Puzzle Mansion is located at Cuadra Street, Brgy. Asisan in Tagaytay City. It is recognized by Guinness World of Records as the biggest puzzle collection in the world.
Entrance Fee is Php100 per person

The Puzzle Mansion Museum houses the jigsaw puzzle collection of Ms. Gina Gil Lacuna. 
It consists of 1,028 different puzzle sets.
 First time to see 3D Puzzle Sets
Would you believe these beautiful photographs of Philippine Destinations are all jigsaw puzzle?

If the visit to Puzzle Mansion ignited your passion to build, create or even have your own collection of puzzle, you may start purchasing some jigsaw puzzle in the museum's puzzle store. They accept cash or debit/credit card payments.

True, Puzzle Mansion Museum is officially amazing. 
This spot deserves a quick visit when in Tagaytay!

Philippine Holidays 2018: Regular Holidays, Special Non-Working Days, Special Holidays, and Long Weekends

Hey hey hey! Malacanang has released the list of Philippine Holidays for 2018. So what are you waiting for wanderlusts, mark your calendars now and make sure to carefully plan your leaves and your trips! :)

Proclamations to declare national holidays for Eid'l Fitr and Eid'l Adha follow after approximate dates of the Islamic holidays have been determined.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Something BIG is Coming Soon...

Because we won't let you wander the Philippines alone...

Friday, June 16, 2017

Have a Chill Day in Tagaytay Using This Cool App

Every time the unbearable heat in Manila strikes, we would always hear people coming up with quick getaways to escape the summer (and even not summer) heat. People would always say, "Tagaytay tayo!", "Ano akyat tayo sa Baguio?, and so forth. For people in Manila and nearby provinces, the top option would always be Tagaytay given that the travel time is shorter which makes the immediate travel gratification quicker and much more achievable.

Not only this, there are also a lot of spots to visit to in Tagaytay, name it! Go and visit the People's Park, Sky Ranch, Tagaytay Picnic Grove, Tierra de Maria, Museo Orlina, The Puzzle Mansion, Paradizzo, Twin Lakes, and Fantasy World. Aside from these must visit places, most of us would chase for a bowl of hot bulalo with the scenic Taal Volcano on the side. Tagaytay is also well-known as a haven for food lovers (my goal is try all of them) - Mahogany Market, Balay Dako, Antonio's, Mushroom Burger, Memory Lane, Sonya's Garden, Bag of Beans, Bawai, Concha's Garden Cafe, etc. Promise, the long list is not yet over!

Though Tagaytay has a lot to offer, people would always prefer to brave the heavy traffic going home and not to spend a night in Tagaytay? Why? Because to be honest, hotels in Tagaytay are too popular that they are all too expensive.

Same thing happened the other day when we visited Tagaytay, we went home after a full day. I hope on our next visit, we will get a chance to spend overnight instead especially now that Traveloka has launched its special deals for Tagaytay Hotels.
 Pick a hotel of your choice and enjoy the 30% discount on Baguio and Tagaytay hotel rates

 Traveloka App, my best buddy in booking for cheap hotels

Traveloka, is a one-stop travel booking app for flights and hotels. It is pretty easy to use.

Simply type in the destination or the exact name of the hotel in the search field, and in no time, you will get plenty of results. Users can even filter and sort the search results based on location, rates, popularity, and rating.
Traveloka App offers a wide range of choices - from budget accommodations to luxurious hotels to give the app users the power to decide where they want to stay.
Once a hotel has been selected, users can easily get all the information they need about the hotel - photos, main facilities, accommodation inclusions, room rates, reviews, and hotel policy.
Expect that the Traveloka App gives the best prices for hotels; right from the start hotel rates in Traveloka App are discounted. What sets Traveloka apart? This app is very transparent about the rates, it has been proven and tested that there are no hidden charges.
Unlike in any other booking apps, Traveloka provides accurate and 
complete information on the nearby places.
Because honesty is the best policy - this Guest Reviews feature in Traveloka is really valuable. Before confirming your booking, one can immediately see the insights of the previous guests. Available reviews can either be from Traveloka or Tripadvisor.
Because we all hate surprises - Traveloka App is very transparent on the hotel policies. 
Guests would not be surprised if there is a need for security deposit or what not.

Should you have any special requests, feel free to put it in on the special requests just right before you pay for your booking. And lastly, do not forget to use the ongoing Traveloka promo codes to get additional discounts.

Traveloka offers a lot of payment options, too. Pay through credit/debit cards, Over the Counter (7-11, Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier), or through bank deposit (BDO, BPI, and Metrobank).

No hassle: Simply show your e-ticket/hotel voucher on Traveloka during check-in. For further assistance, Traveloka has a 24/7 Customer Support.

Traveloka is available in Google Play and Apple Store.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Where to Stay in Batanes: List of DOT Accredited Hotels, Inns, Pension Houses, and Homestays

Good news folks! Here's the list of accommodations in Batanes as of April 2017.



Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge
Location: Brgy. Chanarian-Tukon, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09391982733, 09399016353
photos grabbed from Fundacion Pacita's official website


Batanes Resort
Location: National Road, Brgy. Kaychanarianan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09185533734, 09357395474


Amboy Hometel & Restaurant
Location: Brgy. Chanarian, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09178717633, 09396438982, 09209103492
photo grabbed from Amboy Hometel's official website

Batanes Seaside Lodge & Restaurant
Location: National Road, Brgy. Kaychanarianan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09999924977, 09277885508, 09999942313
photo grabbed from Batanes Seaside Lodge's official website

Bernardo's Hotel
Location: Pain St., Brgy. Chanarian, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09175125346, 09088164811

Midtown Inn
Location: Abad Corner Lizardo St., Brgy. Kayhuvokan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09213677933, 09265500433, 09065317064, 3593032

Villa Hontomin Hotel & Restaurant
Location: Brgy. Chanarian, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09985678654, 09278712157


Berlen Lodge
Location: Cantor St., Brgy. Kayhuvokan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09204784003

DDD Habitat
Location: Lopez St., Brgy. Kayvaluganan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09084369547, 3304937

Dive Batanes Lodge & Restaurant
Location: Brgy. Chanarian, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09399224609, 09399351950, 09217626796
photo grabbed from Dive Batanes Lodge's official website

Florabell's Iraya Guest  
Location: Lafuente St., Brgy. Kayhuvokan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09774840715

Kenadrian's Hometel
Location: Brgy. Kayvaluganan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09204470738, 09321659176

Marfel Lodge
Location: Reyes St. Corner De Padua St., Brgy. Kayvaluganan, Basco, Batanes 
Contact Nos.: 09088931745, 09178574493

Martin's Inn
Location: Castro St Corner National Road, Brgy. Kaychanarianan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09162323590, 09192228898

Palangud Homestay
Location: National Road, Brgy. Kaychanarianan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09399193616

Vatan Inn
Location: Abad St. Corner Amboy St., Brgy. Kaychanarianan, Basco, Batanes 
Contact Nos.: 09985519656

Casa Feliciano
Location: Brgy. San Antonio, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09088799263
photo grabbed from Casa Feliciano's Facebook page

Villa De Babat
Location: Brgy. Kayvaluganan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09993664755, 09279685800


Arca Homestay
Location: Brgy. Kayvaluganan, Uyugan
Contact Nos.: 09392973902

Asa's Homestay
Location: Brgy. Kayvaluganan
Contact Nos.: 09491299914

Atunay Homestay
Location: Brgy. Kayhuvokan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09399186506

D'Rock Homestay
Location: Brgy. Radiwan, Ivana
Contact Nos.: 09399249303, 09999907559

Davocol's Homestay
Location: Brgy. Kayhuvokan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09204470738

Doque's Homestay
Location: Brgy. San Antonio, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09055409594, 09985547356, 09056731089, 09289464952

Faberes Hometel
Location: Brgy. Malakdang, Sabtang, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09184882424

Gecha's Homestay
Location: Brgy. Malakdang, Sabtang, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09085607833

Gabilo's Katdan
Location: Brgy. Chavayan, Sabtang, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09215677227

Jarvan Homestay-Annex
Location: Titit, Brgy. Kayvaluganan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09088622447, 09178834428

Mana Homestay & Breakfast
Location: Brgy. Savidug, Sabtang, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09296409470

Marfel Lodge-Branch
Location: Brgy. Kaychanarianan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09088931745, 09209764966, 09178574493, 09178833249

My Father's Inn
Location: Brgy. Kayvaluganan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09471724638, 09166803282

Necy's Inn (Necy's Homestay)
Location: Brgy. San Antonio, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09999954231, 09773536898

Neyala's Homestay
Location: 071 P. Abarquez St., Brgy. Sinakan, Sabtang, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09206200754, 09165530562, 09198885141, 09158441534

Novita House
Location: Abuyo St., Brgy. Kayvaluganan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09282397629

Pajudpud's Homestay
Location: Brgy. Kayvaluganan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09072828642

Papang's Homestay
Location: Brgy. Kaychanarianan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.:09124302041

Ramos Homestay
Location: Brgy. Sinakan, Sabtang, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09081150427, 09391982842

Samantha's House and Tour Services
Location: Brgy. Kaychanarianan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.: 09989746258, 09473539865

Savatan Homestay
Location: Caspo St., Brgy. Kaychanarianan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.:09399063063

Timetravel Lodge
Location: Brgy. Kayvaluganan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.:09396238978, 09291669838, 09166447984

Triple MP Homestay (Marfel's Triple MP)
Location: Brgy. Kayvaluganan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.:09088931475

Vonace's Katdan
Location: Brgy. Sinakan, Sabtang, Batanes
Contact Nos.:09184882424

Wakay Homestay
Location: 154 Fajardo St., Brgy. Kayvaluganan, Basco, Batanes
Contact Nos.:

Levinda Lodge
Location: Brgy. San Rafael, Itbayat 
Contact Nos.:09399173953, 09215668269

Friday, June 09, 2017

5 Restaurants in the Heart of New York, Which You Should Visit with a Girl

Coming back from a trip to the US, you realize that you want to return to New York and want to share your impressions with your beloved one. New York is not just architecture, a wonderful park and people, amazing with their individual styles, it's also a gastronomic paradise. Some places you do not want to visit anymore and some others you love, and are not afraid to advise anyone, who will be in the heart of tourist New York. You can even show them to the girl you love. Visiting cafes or restaurants can become a problem if you do not know where to go without wasting time and money, when the tips on Foursquare show the same ratings in a couple of dozen places at once. It’s also one of the most popular stereotypes about Ukrainian women—the fact that they enjoy tasteful cuisine (and this one is pretty much truth, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it).

The Smith.
This restaurant is located in the Nomad area at 1150 Broadway (at the intersection with 27th Street). You will not have any problem to find it. Here is a truly modern American cuisine, extremely friendly waiters, excellent breakfasts, delicious Americano and the ideal pancakes. Talking about dishes, you are strongly recommended to try Steak Salad and Beef Short Rib. Portions are huge but you will not be able to stop and not to eat everything!

Brasserie Cognac.
If you are looking for a cozy place for dinner with your sweetheart, this place is an ideal option. New York has a problem – there are too many different places, and sometimes you cannot just believe in Foursquare tips because it simply does not make sense. If you decide to visit this French place, you will get great pleasure. The restaurant is a five-minute walk from Central Park at the 1740 Broadway. You are strongly recommended to try onion soup, scallops, salad with octopus and cocktail French 75!

Cull and Pistol.
It is located in the popular Chelsea Market. Notwithstanding its location, here you will find not only adequate (if not ridiculous) prices for seafood, but also one of the most delicious dishes for the entire trip. The place is small, everyone is sitting pretty tight, but the atmosphere is very pleasant. You are strongly recommended to try Shrimp and Lobster Dumplings, Grilled Octopus and Lobster Ramen. If you visit this place once, it can easily become a favorite place for both of you.

The Modern.
The restaurant is located in the Museum of Modern Art MoMa. It is beautiful, expensive and very tasty. The only difference from most restaurants in New York are portions, which are quite small here, so if you and your girl are making a search of a hearty meal, you should better choose another place.  Nevertheless, here you should come for a light dinner and spend a wonderful evening with your beloved girl and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. You are strongly recommended to try the tastiest seabass and the cauliflower soup.

Joseph Leonard.
This is a tiny restaurant with one of the highest ratings in the neighborhood. You can find it, walking along the area of the West Village. Inside the restaurant, there is a very friendly atmosphere, as if all visitors are the heroes of the series "Friends", who every day come to the same small bar or a coffee house and sit there for hours. The lunch menu is as simple as possible, but every dish makes you literally fall in love with itself! You are strongly recommended to try Caramelized Cauliflower, Farro Salad and make sure to specify what the special is today.

In New York, you are able to find almost every cuisine of the world in its best varieties. Here you can find something that you or your girl have not tried yet. Do not miss a chance to try something special and to spend another wonderful evening in a cozy place with your beloved girl in this diverse city. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Traveloka App: The Game Changer in Booking Cheap Flights

So I have gone from my recent trip with my friends and there I realized a lot of things - how I really love to travel, how trips make me happy, and last but not the least, how I want to share the same happiness to my friends and loved ones.

Turning one's love for travel into reality is not easy for everyone. Traveling could be expensive at times especially when there is no sufficient planning and assistance given. These are the usual reasons of people especially those with a regular  9 to 5 jobs why they fail to travel within their budget which make them spend a lot or not to travel at all.

There could be a lot of travel guides and even travel booking sites everywhere but I tell you, most of them are either too commercialized and overrated; they aren't really helping. For me, some sites and apps are simply into traffic, download counts, and user info but then again, do not really help the users score some cheap flights. Plus, that's not all - some travel booking sites/apps do love that annoying email spamming too. With all these, those who are into travel should be careful and wise enough to use a legit and working travel booking app that could help them.
Good thing, Traveloka, a travel booking app, which I think is the fastest-growing travel booking site/app is becoming more and more popular especially to frequent and budget travelers. It totally changed the game of booking your flight and hotel needs. It is 100% legit and is very useful; the flights are very competitive. From thousands of possible results from different airlines such as PAL, Cebu Pacific, TigerAir, Jetstar, etc, the Traveloka app shows the most suitable flight based on your preference (eg date of flight, time, airline, and rate).

It is very easy to use too - so perfect for those folks looking for their last-minute flight needs. Flight purchase would not even last for 5 minutes, how cool and quick is that right?
In no time, you won't notice that you are already at the confirmation page.
You may pay through credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), Over the Counter (7-11, M Lhuillier, and Cebuana Lhuillier), or through bank deposit (BDO, BPI, Metrobank).

To give the customers a more convenient experience, Traveloka added the Price Alerts feature. This feature saves the customers more time since they do not need to keep on checking cheap prices for their preferred cheap flights. All they need to do is to set it up - add the flight details, alert type, and alert frequency. Once the settings have been successfully saved, customers will be notified via email or push notifications.

 Another thing that sets Traveloka App apart from other travel booking apps is the booking promo codes they generously send out to their users and followers.
There are always something to be excited about Traveloka Emails

And who's not gonna go nuts if the already cheapest flight you score is still qualified for an additional 20% to 50% discount? Believe me, I was able to slash off another thousand from the total rate below by simply entering the promo codes of Traveloka. Well, it pays to be subscribed and a Facebook follower :)

Indeed, Traveloka has changed the game in booking travel deals. Try it on your next booking, Traveloka App is available in Google Play and Apple Store.

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