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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tacsiyapo! Isdaan Floating Restaurant

Tacsiyapo sits along the Gerona Highway in Tarlac City. If you’re going north, it is on the left side of the national highway.

The Gerona Highway is a quite straight long roadtrip, you might think that you missed the resto. But don't worry, you're gonna see a huge signboard that says 'Isdaan'.

It’s an excellent stop-over for those who are going to Pangasinan, Baguio, or Pagudpud. The ambience is really good. The whole place is designed with giant fish structures, mannequins of Presidents, giant buddhas, etc.

Just one of the Golden Buddhas in Tacsiyapo.

Ninoy Aquino's mannequin found before the stairs to the largest Golden Buddha.

The whole family will also enjoy; kids can play at the Isdaan’s wide park where they can enjoy bikes and small rides. The pathway also gives excitement to the visitors because it is made of bamboo raft, one step and it is moving, a floating restaurant indeed.

I think the only downsides of Isdaan Floating Restaurant are the ‘customer service’ and the food itself. The food is not really remarkable. It’s quite expensive for some tasteless lunch.
Quite pricey!

We have been promised that lunch will be served after 30 mins, but it has been an hour and the food was not yet served. I needed to follow up the order. I was confident that the reason is that everything will be served freshly cooked and hot; but unfortunately, the rice was served cold. Even the fish soup that we ordered.

rice are served in small casseroles for 140.00 each. good for 2-3 persons

Fruit Juices are for P200.00 per pitcher. It's not that refreshing though. It's not that cold and it's not kinda sweet.

Much better to order the melon juice than the Buko juice.

We even saw the waiter got the glasses and some spoon and fork from the other table. Yes, those glasses and utensils were not used but still the other table has been obviously used by another visitor. Leftovers were still on the table. They also do not serve free water to the customers so expect that you’re bill will go up due to drinks.

Moving on, you know the reason why we really went to Tacsiyapo? Aside from the Fried Palaka that we wanted to try (sad, it’s not available when we went there), is of course, the famous Tacsiyapo Wall.

Probably, you were able to see this famous wall for a couple of times now, it is being shown in Living Asia or other travel shows – one of the must-sees in the North.
the famous Tacsiyapo Wall

They say it is a place where you can release your anger by smashing some plates onto the wall. You can decide to throw some mugs, tv's, or bowls.

These plates cost 15.00 each.

Same thing goes with the mugs.

There are different issues written on the wall. Some may find it funny because these are the common issues that sometimes one decide to hide all throughout his/her life. There you can just release all your anger and smash the plates as hard as you can depending on the level of your anger. At the top of the painted wall, you can also see the instructions on how to 'do' the Tacsiyapo Wall. It's best advised to shout 'Tacsiyapo' before smashing the plates; people are not allowed to say profanity.

Some of the source of anger of most of the Filipinos would be 'daughter-in-law', 'fling lover', 'mother-in-law', 'ex-gf', 'managers/supervisors', 'thieves', even your remorse to your 'present wife/husband'.


  1. meron din dapat dyan sign not satisfied in food and service of that restaurant

  2. was the place not good? are you saying the customer service is not satisfactory or excellent?

  3. the place is nice. but the customer service, honestly speaking, is not very satisfying.

  4. At least they've added some novelty to the dining experience. It makes them stand out from the usual restaurant.

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  6. Still, a good customer services is one of the main ingredients of a business. Without good practice in dealing with customers, this restaurant will go down.
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  7. I love tacsiyapo because I can vent my anger by throwing plates at things. sturgo

  8. That's really fun. A different bonding for the family

  9. yeah, not really professional in terms of sevice,i agree...

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  14. Can you go there just to throw plates and not actually eat? Do they allow that? :)

  15. what time it open to public for smashin plates? ty

  16. what time it open to public for smashin plates? ty


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