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Monday, January 17, 2011

Trick Art Museum: Pictures as Real as Life!

I have been noticing that my little brother, Muymoy, who just turned 13, is becoming more creative and artistic. Aside from the fact that he invents his own fantastic dance moves like Step Up 1,2,3 combined, he appreciates those Art that has been taken into the next level. He loves those stuff that was done in a different way, in a different speed, and/or those done in a different dimension. So when I learned about the Trick Art Museum, I know for a fact that my brother would love it. :)

How To Get There:
Trick Art Museum is one of the attractions in Seriland. Seriland, The Land of Happy Thoughts, is the newest addition in Manila Ocean Park. It opened its doors to the public last November 2010 only. It is located at the 2nd level, South Wing of the Manila Ocean Park. Once you're there in Manila Ocean Park(don't worry if its too big), you're not gonna get lost anyways.
Surprise! This big map will welcome you just right after you enter Manila Ocean Park.
See that yellow section at the bottom left part? That's Seriland.

Off to go to Trick Art Museum!
Trick Art Museum is a gallery of 3D Art that brings paintings into life. For more information, you can visit their official website You can contact them at (02) 559 9563 or send them an email to Tickets are sold Php150.00/pax.

How to Turn the Paintings into Life:
All of the paintings here were made freehand by Korean artists. The paintings are designed to release its creative art form into life depending on the visitors' angle and creative poses. With the perfect angle, these art photos will create an illusion of depth and trickery. So better be creative and patient to look for that magic spot where to click your shutter. If ever that you do not have any idea on what to do and where to take the pic, you're going to notice a small frame with a sample shot beside each of the painting, you can use those as your guide.

Now, Let the pictures come into life! :)
This is the first painting we saw. If you're going to see it, its just a plain painting. I really do not know how it will turn to a 3D art until...
I was amazed after seeing the result. I touched the wall again wondering what happened.

Warning: The following is definitely a bunch of pictures (I know that). We just really did enjoy and we got carried away thinking for our next wacky poses.

Oops! Careful!

Lagi na lang akong inuutusan. Tsk

Finish the painting Muy!

Sadako :)

Waaaaah! Bad Kaka.

Hmmm... Where's our next stop?

My little brother had fun fishing in the museum.

Stranded. I hope this eagle will save me. Hindi naman siguro ako mukhang pagkain di ba?

Nature-lover yang kapatid ko, Promise!

Sige! Dalhin mo na yang dalawang yan! :P

Oh ha! I'm afraid of matches. But look what I'm holding. Ehem!

Muymuy VS I dont know who this is

Under the Sea


Hey you, Tiger! Don't eat me!!!! Pleaaase!!

Run for your life!

The Staff
The staff are all nice and courteous. Aside from that, they know what Seriland's Trick Art is. Each of them knows the trick of getting those good shots to reveal the life of the paintings.
This is Kuya Gelo of Seriland. He is nice and knows where the good angles are.
Thank you for the superb assistance!

Trick Art Museum is definitely a must-visit!

This one's not on 3D. I hope they're gonna make it one someday.


  1. galeng galeng!!! favorite ko yung may posporo... :D


  2. WOW galing nman..sama nman sa next tour nyo :D

  3. @enyang, perfect siya sa mga kids mo. they'll have fun for sure.

    ayus noh? buti pa dito nakakahawak ako ng posporo. :)) ehemehemehem!

  4. wow katuwa nung mga paintings. Il check this out soon

  5. will visit the place soon...can't wait!

  6. will visit this soon..

  7. hello po im anna pero im working here in korea... we've been there too pero dito ulit s korea :) gusto ko sana makapunta din jan ung family ko. ask ko po ung exact place ng museum... pls reply po wait ko po ha...God bless... :)

  8. hopefully after my graduation, i can have time to go there together with my friends..

  9. @ Aena,

    Seriland is in 2nd Level South Wing Manila Ocean Park, Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park,Manila, 1001 Philippines.

    Here's their facebook page, it might help:

  10. pde ba un lng puntahan khit di na pumasok sa ocean park mismo oh\r do we need to pay entrance sa ocean park bgo makapasok dun

  11. you dont have to pay for the entrance fee ng ocean park... you just have to pay the entrance fee of the trick museum w/c is Php150.00. :)

  12. Glad to know may ganito sa Philippines. I think we're gonna bring our niece and nephew here soon.

    Btw, followed your blog through GFC. Hope you could follow ours as well. :)


  13. What time are they open? Days?

  14. @ Shashi and Beij,

    Sure the kids will love it!
    Thanks for the follow. :)

  15. This looks like a fun place to go with friends and kids! With our love for picture-taking and sense of humor, I sense this is going to a big hit with Pinoys. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Chasing PhilippinesFriday, August 03, 2012

    @Kara / Travel Up,

    No prob. :) This one's a good idea for family bonding. It's more fun also if everyone is ready to show their wackiest pose; you'll really enjoy!

  17. Amazing! Thanks for posting the pics. I'd love to visit the museum with my nephew and nieces :))

  18. hi,

    if you happen to be in boracay, you can also check out happy dreamland theme park. may trick art museum din sila.

  19. copied from korea's trick eye museum.. exactly same concept.not very original

  20. Cool post . Photos are great . I havent been in this place yet .. Time to visit for sure !!

  21. thanks for bringing Korea's trick eye museum here in the Philippines at least to those who can't go to Korea esp now that there is MERS

  22. Wow! awesome..really enjoyed watching trick paintings.I can't resist to watch it again..Great job. Greetings from


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