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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Road Not Taken to Pagsanjan Falls | Cavinti Route

Our spontaneous trip to the famous Pagsanjan Falls started when a friend of mine uploaded an album in Facebook entitled "Pagsanjan". The set of pictures were really impressive which drove me nuts for the whole day. I was so fascinated, I showed it to my little brother; to my surprise, my little brother did not pay any "wwwooow reactions". He even asked me where and what Pagsanjan Falls is. I was like "Woah! Seriously? You don't know what Pagsanjan Falls is?" I even bragged to him that I passed my Sibika at Kultura during my Grade School years because of my usual-slash-irreplaceable answer to the question: "Magbigay ng halimbawa ng Talon." Of course, without any second thoughts, my immediate answer eversince was - Pagsanjan Falls. 1 point din yun! :)

With my desire to let my brother meet Pagsanjan Falls, we started researching the how to's. I was told about the details and I got skeptical w/ the estimated budget that was quoted - an affordable P800.00 all-in. I did not believe it at first because my friend who just went to Pagsanjan told me that it is P1375/pax for the Pagsanjan Falls Experience, a total of P1500 actually with all the municipality fee, raft fee, etc. So, P1500 plus the transpo fares. I kept on asking why the estimated budget was so cheap but when my friend told me that we are going to take another route which is through Cavinti, though I never heard of it before, Go lang ng Go!

How To Get There:
by Public Transpo
-From Buendia, take Green Star Bus to Sta. Cruz Laguna. Fare is P130.00. Once you reached Sta. Cruz Terminal, ride a jeepney just across the street to Sta. Cruz Market . In Sta. Cruz Market, look for the street in front of Mercury Drug Store, there you can find the jeepneys to Cavinti. Fare is P23.00. Ask the driver to drop you off the cemetery, you can take a tricycle from there to Pueblo El Salvador Eco Park. (There are 2 eco-parks in Cavinti so make sure to be specific, locals call it "Pueblo") Tricycle fare is 10.00/pax.

The 45-minute trip to Cavinti is exhilarating. The atmosphere is quite relaxing and the air is really fresh (Real fresh, not amoy poopoo ng cow). Imagine a town in the outskirt of the Province of Laguna and is situated in the foothills of Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges, superb!

The real name of Pagsanjan Falls is Magdapio Falls. This most popular falls is not actually located in Pagsanjan; it is seated in the heart of Cavinti, Laguna. But since the falls is usually accessible via Pagsanjan, it become popularly known as Pagsanjan Falls.

Doing it the Cavinti-Way! :)
With elevation of around 400 meters above sea level, the tour to Pagsanjan Falls starts at Pueblo El Salvador Eco Park in Barangay Tibatib, Cavinti. The entrance fee is P200.00. We are supposed to get the P500 package but it's no longer available. The local government already stopped the eco-park offering this packages since the municipal wants all the tourists to take the route from Pagsanjan.

Lesgow Sago!
A peaceful walk at Pueblo El Salvador Eco-Park... :)

You think it's easy?
It's not as simple as a walk in the park. Not all the roads in Pueblo are well-paved. You have to overcome the muddy roads and these big roots

The Grotto of El Salvador del Mundo in the middle of the eco-park

It is an approximately a 45 minute trek - aside from the not-so-easy-walk in Pueblo's Eco Park, the descent includes a combination of more than 672 steel steps and 2 35 ft rappelling. Ready?
Safety harness and gears. Don't worry they're Petzl.
C'mon! Let's do this!
1st Rappel. 35-40 ft lang naman. Sisiw! :P
Here's what your gonna see on your 2nd rappel. The beautiful sight makes you want to hurriedly jump down

And after traveling 400 meters down, you're going to be rewarded with this magnificent sight.
Magdapio Falls a.k.a. Pagsanjan Falls

And Tsaran! Our reason for visiting this popular falls...
Mark meets Pagsanjan Falls :)

The main attraction at Pagsanjan Falls is the raft ride. Tourists will be asked to board the bamboo rafts and raftmen will be pulling the rope laid across the lagoon. Raftmen encourage the tourists to enjoy the natural back massage. Promise! Ang sarap! Don't miss it!
WOW Pagsanjan Experience!

The thunderous sound of the water falling down the 300 meter high cliff was really scary. I cant explain what I felt - a combination of 70% excitement and 30% nervousness. But whoala! As we got nearer, we were treated with an unexpected and wonderful surprise - it was my first time to see a full rainbow. I kept on saying, "Wow rainbow! Ang ganda! Ang ganda!" It was totally amazing that this magnificent falls is enveloped with this beautiful rainbow, unbelievable! I was in awe and smiling, that I almost forgot that we are less than a meter away from the falls -- then suddenly, a huge volume of water hit me. Actually, I was not wearing a helmet or any protective head gear. Yes, that was dangerous but I just want to know the feeling of that huge amount of water (from 2 biggest rivers in Laguna) hitting my head. Di pa kasi ako nakaligo sa falls kaya inenjoy ko lang. :P

Shooting the Rapids
This is the most sought-after and most popular activity in Pagsanjan Falls. Here, 2-3 tourists passengers are treated to a thrilling wild river ride. The expertise of the boatmen are being showcased; try this and be amazed at how the 'bangkeros' maneuver and paddle the canoe against the strong current.
Want to be the Best Mamang Bangkero 2011? Watch his moves!

Shooting the Rapids Stop-Over

Hungry? Don't worry there is a barbeque stand in the middle of this rainforest, about 900 meters away from the main falls. Boatmen will not really advise/encourage you to eat here because they say it is quite expensive - food are priced in dollars because most visitors are foreigners.

If you are going to stop at Talahib, as a courtesy, you may treat your boatmen - water or softdrinks will do.

Okay lang naman yung price ng food P50.00 for a big BBQ. It's yummy! However, you'll be surprised with the price of softdrinks in can - P50.00. Dami ko pa naman binili. Tsk!

Good thing, there's a special treat while your eating at Talahib...
Talahib Falls - locals say that Talahib means 'half'

Friendly Tips/Things to Remember/Important Info
(Whatever you might wanna call it, read it):

* Pay a visit at Church of Sta. Cruz, the church is really nice

* Make sure to bring ziplocks to protect your cameras, cellphone, or any other digital gadgets

* You don't have to get a hotel/hostel room if you're thinking where you can change clothes and have a shower. There's a shower room just across Pagsanjan Falls. It's clean, got ample supply of water, and FREE. :) (wala lang ilaw tsaka sabitan ng damit).

* Don't bring a big backpack. Since the municipal government doesn't allow tourists to take the Cavinti Route, you won't be allowed to take Pagsanjan Route going back if you took Cavinti. In short, you need to climb up those 672 steel steps and take the 90 degree angled ladders. Whoah! It was a very intense-slash-I thought-I'm-gonna-die-climb. I dont recommend this route for those with heart illness, asthma, arthritis, and those who just had a major heartbreak.

* Bring a lot of water.

* There's a hidden cave just behind the falls. They call it the Devil's Cave, quite scary but I love staying inside that cave. You can swim inside the Devil's Cave, just be mindful of the rafts.

* And ahmm.. (optional) Don't forget to taste the water as well (wala lang, first time ko talaga makakita ng falls, kaya tinikman ko na din). Infairness, Masarap siya! Matamis yung tubig. :)

Here's the budget:


  1. Chi-chi DuenasFriday, May 20, 2011

    Tsk... Tsk... Next time invite n'yo ko ha.

  2. beautiful shots! this is good for a barkada day trip. ayain ko friends ko dito next summer!

  3. thank you chyng! yup, saya dito.. perfect nga for 1 day barkada trip

  4. Mas masaya via Cavinti di ba, mura pa :)

  5. bookmarked.ito kailangan ko.ang lapit lapit na ng Binangonan rizal sa pagsanjan tinatamad pako pumunta.hahaha

  6. Its a wonderful place. You have a very nice shots here. Kakaiba, papahirapan pa ung bababa but thats the thrill. I'll bookmark it and visit here again.

  7. @Lakwatsera de Primera, tama! mas masaya hehe tsaka ang laki ng difference sa gastos kesa pag sa Pagsanjan ang daan :)

  8. @Henry, thanks for including this in your bookmarks. Kahit super hirap, worth it yung makikita mo pagdating sa baba, tsaka ang tamis ng tubig! :P

  9. @Pusang Kalye, nice! Thanks for dropping by. oo nga, ang lapit lang, go na! :)

  10. Nice! thanks for the info...

  11. your blog is very informative and entertaining as well. However, gusto ko lang din itanong kung yung shooting the rapids fee na 200php all in na (boat ride, helmet, life jacket, guiding fee etc...)?

  12. Chasing PhilippinesFriday, October 14, 2011

    thanks sir/maam. yes, yung Php200 for shooting the rapids lahat na yun. wala lang kaming helmet

  13. Great post. My friends and I will surely try this out one weekend. :)

  14. Thanks Vikki! :)
    Thats great to hear! Promise, enjoy siya! :D

  15. Wow! (wala akong masabi...)

  16. i just wanna clarify somethin: you said that they do NOT allow tourists to take the Cavinti route but you were able to take that route when you were there....So did you ask for their permission? ;-)

    I'm planning to go to Pagsanjan Falls via Cavinti next weekend....Hope you can answer my inquiry...tia!

  17. the local government highly recommends for tourists to take Pagsanjan... Kuya U-tol, our guide in Cavinti, told us that there were already agreements on this.

    Before, Pueblo also got a lot of packages for the Pagsanjan Falls Adventure, but since agreement has already been laid out, the said ecopark doesnt have any tour packages anymore.

    Hmmm.. we did not ask for permission. Ahm.. we made friends with the bangkeros instead? We asked them to let us try the shooting the rapids. :)

  18. thanks Chasing Philippines!

    we are already a group of 12 for this day trip...hmmmmnnn,did you notice if there are a lot of available boat that we can "hire" to try the shooting the rapids?


  19. Chasing PhilippinesThursday, November 03, 2011

    hi hure2010, dont worry about the boats. there's a lot, maybe around 50 to less than a hundred.

    when are you planning to go there! enjoy! :))

  20. hmm.. nung nagTry kau ng Shooting the rapid for 200Php (all in na un sa ECO park entrance at sa boat to Magdapio Falls?)magkano naman ung tip nyo sa bangkero at saan kau dumaan ng pabalik? dba ung talahib falls na kung saan kau kumain nasa between ng Magdapio Falls at Pagsanjan main?


  21. pahabol, nung nakababa na kau pala sa rappelling part sumakay pa kau ng boat to the main falls? iif so magkano bayad? at kung hindi naman.. malapit lng ba lalakarin?

    salamat po ulet.. planning to get to Magdapio Falls via Cavinti rout this friday.

    Main concern is the way back.. is there any options that i can take the rapids back to pagsanjan oo aakyatin ulet ung mahabang hangdan sa eco part? (may nagbabantay din ba dun pabalik sa park?)

    salamat ulet! apir!


  22. Sir Doy, yung bayad po sa shooting the rapids is P200.00, iba pa po yun sa P200 for the Eco Park entrance.. tip namin dun sa bangkero? nilibre nami sila ng softdinks dun sa Talahib Falls. mga kaibigan sila nung taga-Pueblo kaya okay na yun.. nag tip kami ng 100 dun sa guide sa Pueblo kasi hinatid nila kami hanggang sakayan kasi pauwi na rin sila.

    Pagkababa niyo sa rapelling, konti na lang ang lalakarin mo. same distance lang ang lakarin if Pagsanjan ang pinanggalingan mo.

    For you to get to the main falls, regardless kung Pagsanjan or Cavinti ang way, sasakay ng raft/balsa. Wala na dapat bayad yun if galing ka sa Cavinti. Pero pag galing ka ng Pagsanjan, alam ko they charge another P150.00 for the raft ride.

    There are NO OPTIONS for you to take Pagsanjan pauwi if sa Cavinti ka galing kasi pinagbabawal nila yun. Akala din namin pwede pero yun, kailangan mo talagang umakyat pabalik so make sure na may baon kang maraming tubig. Yes, may nagbabantay dun and for each route (Pagsanjan or Cavinti) merong parang guestbook kung saan isusulat yung name mo when you get there, at kung aong oras ka bumalik with your signatture, kaya super safe.

  23. wow! Thank you sa details.

    pano pala ung sakayan ng pauwi na from pueblo? may mga bannkero naman dun sa main falls na pwedeng iRent to Tlahib Falls para kumain?

    maraming salamat tlga!



  24. Chasing PhilippinesWednesday, November 16, 2011

    Yeaaah! Apir!

    ay, oo nga pala. KUNIN mo YUNG CELLPONE NUMBER nung Tricycle DRiver na maghahatid sa inyo sa Pueblo para itext mo na lang siya pag pauwi na kayo. Kasi hindi namin nagawa yun, super bihira lang yung trike na dumadaan dun kaya ang ending naglakad kami ng mga 1-2 kms pabalik dun sa may sakayan. Masaya naman kasi nalibot namin ang town ng Cavinti hehe

    Yung makukuha niyo na bangka para mag shooting the rapids kayo, yun na rin yung magdadala sa inyo sa Talahib Falls.

  25. hi salamat dito sa blog mo at ito ang aming naging guide para sa aming Pagsanjan Trip.

    Di kami nakapagshooting the rapids at bumalik kami sa Cavinti. Grabeng lakaran paakyat pero kinaya rin naman namin, iyon nga lang ilang araw masakit ang buong katawan ko.

  26. I just love the waters and falls of Pagsanjan though I am never been to this lovely respite! I wanted to try her for my future trips. God, kindly bring me to Pagsanjan!

    Thank you for this post.

  27. yihey! na excite ako, matagal ko na gusto gawin ang pagsan jan kase ilang tambling lang to mula samen pero namamahalan ako sa boat ride eh. haha thanks to you. I;ll do thsi before the year ends! si Kaka ba yung backpacker na na feature ni James sa backpacker of the month? or baka mali lang ako. haha basta so happy for this post thanks for sharing! :)

  28. kainggit! this is one of must-go destinations <3

  29. ganun? ibig sabihin you need to climb back? hassle!

  30. Been there in Pagsanjan Falls for many times (taking the Magdapio route since I have many friends and classmates there in Barangay Magdapio), shooting the rapids, rafting then going inside the cave, the experienced is WOW..... but I have not try to taking the Cavinti Route, think I will try it....

  31. @ shegothim
    walang anuman. kasayahan kong ishare ang infos na nandito.
    bakit hindi kayo nakapag-shooting the rapids?
    Congrats! Nakaya niyo paakyat ulit hehehe

  32. @ Journeys and Travels
    you're welcome. :)
    if ever, you'll be able to visit Pagsanjan Falls anytime soon. try to drink the water, its sweet :)) and enjoy the natural massage the boatmen are bragging about

  33. @ thepinaysolobackpacker
    hehehe ang saya saya mo Gael ah. mukhang excited ka nga hehe
    Oo nga, namamahalan din ako sa Pagsanjan Falls trip dati, tipong pang mayaman lang. may alternative naman pala :P

  34. @ rain
    yes, definitely a must visit! :)

    @ Ding
    yes, you have to climb back if you're gonna choose to take the Cavinti way. Kaya kailangan physically prepared din

  35. ilang araw na kasing umuulan so malakas ang current. kahit sa bamboo raft di kami nakasakay papalapit sa falls ang lakas kasi ng bagsak ng tubig.

  36. @ shegothim
    Ay, ganun ba? sayang naman yun. Thank you sa info ah.

  37. Hi :) ask ko lang po kung more than thousands ang gagastusin namin per / person?? kasama na lahat?boat ride,jacket,helmet ..etc..?
    thankspo! :)
    good day!

  38. based po sa naging trip namin, Php733/person all in.

  39. Hi,

    Thanks for this post, it's very informative. However, I have questions (sorry mejo redundant). So you said you befriended your boatmen and asked them to let you try the Shooting the Rapids, now, does this mean that there's a bigger chance that I won't be able to experience the rapids cause it's not really legal? My main concern is to make sure I'd be able to experience them both, the Cavinti trek and the rapids, when I go there next week with my boyfriend for our anniversary- date-adventure. :)

    Oh and, is there any locker facilities anywhere near Pueblo el Salvador Park where we could store our stuff to keep them safe and dry (and to keep ourselves from the hassle of carrying them the whole time)?

    Thanks a lot,

  40. Chasing PhilippinesTuesday, January 17, 2012

    Hi Sharla! There are no lockers in Pueblo El Salvador where you can put your things. Just make sure to put them inside ziplock plastics.

    The boatmen and the guide told us that it's no longer legal, but they are kind enough to let you try the rapids. Just use some of your convincing power. :)

    Anyways, Happy Anniversary! :D

  41. Hi! How much is the fee for the 2 boatmen? as well as the fee for bamboo rafts? thanks -- Rox

  42. @ Rox,

    Yung quoted budget ko, yun na yun lahat.

  43. very informative...thanks for the post....mas cheaper nga tlga compared sa pagsanjan route.wish I could visit pagsanjan falls.
    thanks again for the post..

  44. Hi...Thanks for informing us. We're planning to go to Pagsanjan via Cavinti on Sunday para mas cheaper ang gastos. Meron kayang safe parking space sa Pueblo? Gusto naming magdala ng pack lunch. Would it be possible? Meron bang makakainan doon in a picnic style? Thanks.

  45. hi, thanks for such a wonderful review. may question lang po ako, if ever ba may dala sasakyan, may parking area or secured place naman sila na pwede iwan ung sasakyan?

  46. Hi,

    Pwede nyong i-park yung car nyo dun sa taas. sa mismong pueblo eco park, i think safe naman dun. for packed lunch, yes you may bring pero maaari nyo sigurong kainin yun sa eco park and hindi sa baba, sa may bandang falls... dun sa baba, merong stopover para makainan.

  47. .hi. .ask lang po kung ung entrance fee sa eco park na 200 kasama na dun ung sa pagsakay sa bamboo raft. .and kung anu ung way nyo papunta (via cavinti) sa falls ganun din pabalik/pauwi??

    .punta kame dun next month:DD


  48. it includes the entrance fee, the raft, equipments for rapelling. yes, same way po.

  49. .kung di pala legal un via cavinti ibig sabihin maliet lang chance na matry un natry nyo?? :(

    .ket po ba di legal dun?? curious lang T_T

    .senxa sa daming tanong. .hehehe.

    -thanks again:))

  50. @ rheiyha,

    sorry sa late na reply. open for public yung ecopark at yung daan na to, so pwede ka makapunta. hindi lang sya ganung pino-promote at sinusuportahan ng local government dun.

  51. Wow! Ang ganda and mukang masaya! Tanong ko lng, saan nyo iniwan backpack ninyo? Plano kong pumunta don mag-isa pero hindi ko alam kung saan ko puwede iwan backpack ko. Salamat!

  52. Chasing PhilippinesTuesday, June 26, 2012

    @ Marjorie,

    Parang may kubo dun. Actually, mesa na may bubong na pawid. Pwede mo iwan yung gamit mo dun, pwede mo isabit. Madami nga lang langgam. Doon din tumatambay yung ibang bangkero ang guide na nag-aantay pa nung mga nagra-raft. Safe naman, doon ko nilagay yung akin. Pero wag ka na lang din magdala ng kung ano-anong masyadong mahalagang bagay para di ka kinakabahan

  53. hello, im from cavinti, the reason kaya may conflict sila sa route kase nag-aagawan kung kanino talaga ang falls, mejo may away ang cavinti and pagsanjan, before lahat ng revenues from the falls nakukuha ng pagsanjan, now, sa cavinti na kase pinaglaban ng mayor namin yung rights namin jan. madaming issue noon kaya siguro kanya kanya na sila ng way para kumita. dati pwede naman yung bababa ka using cavinti route then pagbalik mo magshooting the rapids ka, ewan ko bakit biglang may ganyan na sila. Simula nung nakuha ng Cavinti ang falls, parang lahat ng taga pagsanjan galit sa amin, tulad nung pumunta kame sa "Tabing-Ilog" mas mahal yung siningil samin na entrance fee kase taga-cavinti daw kame.

    pero syempre irerecommend ko na gamitin nyo ang Cavinti Route kase mas may thrill. Enjoy kayo!

  54. Chasing PhilippinesTuesday, July 17, 2012

    Hi Sir/Maam,

    Thanks for sharing. Yun nga din yung mga naging kwento sa amin nung guide namin na si Kuya U-tol. Pinag-aagawan kung kanino ba talaga dapat mapabiling ang famous Pagsanjan Falls. Kasi geographically speaking, it should belong to Cavinti kaya lang parang ang naging premise is since yung falls ay matagal nang kilalang Pagsanjan Falls kaysa Cavinti Falls dapat daw ay mapabilang sa Pagsanjan. Kaya noong mga panahong pumunta kami dyan ay pinagbabawal ang pagdaan sa Cavinti Route.

    Pero definitely, mas recommended at prefer ko ang pagdaan sa Cavinti. Para hindi lang yung kagandahan ng Pagsanjan Falls ang makikita mo kung hindi pati yung adventure.

    Salamat ulit!

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  56. wow naman!!nakaka excite gganda ng mga pic.jan ahh!!!
    tnung ko lang po merun po bang mag guguide ng way pag nandun na sa park..???madada-anan parin po ba yng dun sa park until now?kc talaga namang napk laki ng save pag dun ung way mu at chalenging pa!!!hahaha

    ng plan kc kme magpunta jan ng bf ko bfore sya mag punta n abroad!!!dis sept.PROMISE ko kc sa kanya yun!!!

    so pls.pls.pls sav my no.para pg my mga tanung pa ko madai ako maka cnnect s u..salamat talaga huh!!!GOD BLESS more!mahilig kc ko sa mga adventure!!!kay mga ganyang senario/place ang gusto kung pinupuntahan..^_^ to popla yung no.ko 09462096520


  57. Chasing PhilippinesThursday, August 23, 2012


    yes, may guide na sasama sayo pababa at paakyat uli sa park. kasama na din yun sa babayaran mo na 200 pesos. mababait yung mga guide dun, sila pa nga mag-offer na dalin yung mga gamit mo.

    ang alam ko nadadaanan pa rin sya.

    yes, mas okay talaga sya daanan. sarap i-experience nung adventure.

    sana mapasyalan nyo yan ng bf mo :)

  58. sir, tanung lang po kung same parin yung expenses pag nagpunta kami sa tuesday?chaka same route lahat. thanks!

  59. Chasing PhilippinesTuesday, October 09, 2012

    Ang alam ko po ganun pa rin.

  60. Hello,

    May contact number po ba kayo ng El Pueblo?

  61. hi there got kuya utol contact no. ang singil na nya per head is 270 via cavinti.. punta kami maya dun.. to bad sira pa din un tulay ng pagsanjan kaya iikot kami un way nya tru caliraya lake.. thanks chasing phil. ni share ko un iba mo pixs sa group ko para makita nila un adventure via cavinti! maya na alis namin..Godbless!

  62. Chasing PhilippinesSunday, March 17, 2013

    Wala pong anuman. At salamit din sa pagshare :)
    Ingat and have fun!

  63. Chasing PhilippinesSunday, March 17, 2013

    El Pueblo Kuya U-tol - 09486275163

  64. thanks a lot @ chasing phils. sobrang n-excite me sa nging edventure nyo kaya go go go din kami. yahooo...

  65. anyway, mga ilang oras pala ung nging adventure nyo?


  66. Gusto ko ung rappeling part,exciting. Since ndi na po nila inaallow ung cavinti Route ndi na din ba nmin maeexperience ung rappeling..?

  67. Chasing PhilippinesSaturday, April 06, 2013


    Maeexperience nyo pa po sya. Bukas pa naman po ang El Pueblo. HIndi lang talaga sya yung traditional way nang pagpunta sa Pagsanjan Falls

  68. Chasing PhilippinesSaturday, April 06, 2013

    @ bheninpink,

    Mga 45 mins yung trek pababa. Mas mahirap yung pagbalik paakyat :)

  69. It was so tiring, but when you get to the falls,you'll say it's worth it. thanks for the tips chasing phil... anyway, does anybody know kuya Utol's new number. the umber posted above says it's unattended. we left our camera there, and only kuya utol would know where it is as he was the only one left there at that time..we were the last group of people to leave the place. Kuya Utol chose to stay there when we told him to come with us. I hope i could still get it back since that's the only camera we brought. :'(

  70. Chasing PhilippinesSunday, June 02, 2013

    Hi, nakuha mo na yung camera nyo?

  71. Hi, pwede po bang mag camping somewhere in cavinti or a little bit far from the falls? or if non may mga resorts poba na mura kung saan pwedeng mag stay?

  72. Magkano na po rate ngayon? May updated na contact number po ba sila?

  73. Haha masaya yung pababa kaso yung paakyat pabalik yung worry ko :P Great pics and post by the way :D I'll make sure to try this one out soon :D

  74. Chasing PhilippinesSaturday, September 21, 2013

    @ Leiyah Chan,

    tama, yung paakyat ang nakakapagod. But definitely, it's worth every pawis and hingal. :)

  75. Hi ask ko lang if pwede padin mag take ng cavinti route? kasi 2011 pa po itong blog nyo. and kung may tour guide ba na pwede kunin pagdating dun sa pueblo ecopark? thanks :) planning to go there this january :)

    1. Hi po pwede pa rin po pumunta sa Pagsanjan via Cavinti. Meron pa rin pong tour guide pagdating sa Pueblo Ecopark. Goodluck and enjoy on your trip! :)

  76. advisable po pumunta mga matataba dito? kakasya kya dun sa steel reel?

  77. any other route going to Pagsanjan?

  78. So far, yan lang po ang alam kong routes to Pagsanjan Falls - Pagsanjan and through Cavinti.

  79. Balak ko po sana i-try ito sa bakasyon ko kaso sa January pa po yun. Maulan po ba sa month na yun at hindi ba advisable gawin?

  80. Is it okay to travel.alone? Even if your a girl, I want to take his route because my budget please reply! Big thanks.

    1. For this place, I could say yes. But safety is always a priority. Much better if you're gonna travel with your friends or siblings.

  81. meron bang camping site near s falls? or at least near sa area?


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