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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Saturday Breakfast at Soderno

For a call center agent like me, I rarely get a chance to eat my meals at the right time, since I work and stay awake in unusual hours - my breakfast is your dinner, and my dinner is your breakfast, got it? Well, it's quite complicated.

After 5 sleep-deprived days, my aunt uttered words that somewhat lifted my tired body. "Let's have breakfast at Soderno." (I remember how those words captivated me, with just a blink of an eye, I smiled and lulled myself to sleep. The thought of going to Soderno the next morning was something to be excited about.)

How To Get There:
Well, Soderno is just like a 10-minute-drive (inclusive of heavy traffic during December) from my aunt's house in Alabang. This newest weekend food and lifestyle market is located at Molito Lifestyle Center (corners of Alabang Zapote Road, Madrigal Avenue and Commerce Avenue).

Okay, Enough of this! I'm hungry!

There's a huge variety of food finds at Soderno. But since I am really into Filipino Food, I so love this booth with Filipino's all-time-favorite -- Street Food.
Mmmmm... Need I say more?

My happiness :))

Filipino's Favorite, Isaw

Seeing these made me miss my Lolo.
He used to buy this super oily chicharong bulaklak dipped in vinegar in Baclaran

Waaah! Heaven! Heaven! :)

Kape ni Juan's 100 Peso Meal. Pwede!
Beef Tapa, Rice, Atsara, Itlog na Pula, Fried Egg

Another smart choice from Kape ni Juan booth
Chicken and Pork Adobo Flakes, Rice, Itlog na Pula, Atsara, Fried Egg

And this was what I had...
Beef Tapa Meal from Kape ni Juan, barbeque, and grilled 'Tenga'... Whew! The best!

Seeing this fatty pig ear on my plate gives me 100% gastronomical outburst.

Waaaah! I'm having some tears of joy now. :')

... and these 2 cups of extra rice
They're just Php10.00 each. Minsan na lang may ganto kamurang extra rice kaya 2 na inorder ko :)

And for a neatly prepared 12oz juice drink, w/ awesome taste - what's Php20.00?! Buy it here!
I love the idea! It's COOL! :D

Unique food finds from home chefs and bakers...

The food choices are really great. The venue is well-ventilated. However, I think there should be more chairs and tables for hungry people. I've seen some flies roaming around as well.
A comfy place to have a foodtrip galore

Soderno is not just all about Food Tripping. There's a lot of Fashion and Arts&Crafts booths too.

Here's the schedule:
Me w/ my cousin, David

Yehey! Weekend spent right.
BURP!!! :)


  1. ive been to mercato palang and love it. i hope midnight mercato will also start 6pm also on fridays/ saturdays like soderno!

  2. Chasing PhilippinesMonday, December 19, 2011

    havent been to mercato yet.. sana soon i can visit and have some foodtrip din :D

  3. And in Makati, we have Distrito. Hope we could organize a meetup! :)

  4. Chasing PhilippinesTuesday, January 17, 2012

    Heard about that Distrito too.. Will be looking forward for our Distrito foodtrip... hopefully soon :)

  5. antagal ko na rin di nakapunta sa mga weekend markets! maaya nga si gf!

    uy mich saan yung photo mo sa baba? yung sa where's your next chase video? hawig kasi nito eh o:

  6. @ Christian,

    ang ganda ganda naman ng mga shots mo! :D
    Sa batangas lang to, sa laiya, pag nilakad mo ng bongga dun sa dulo.. ang ganda!

  7. Thanks Mich, di naman, sakto lang :)
    Di pa ko nakapunta ng Laiya, loser talaga ako hehe


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