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Monday, July 02, 2012

Itinerary for a 5 Day-4 Night Cebu-Bohol Trip: Your Travel Guide for an P8000 All-Adventure-Packed-Getaway

Yes, it's possible. Here's how:

How to Get to Cebu City:
Easiest and fastest way to get to the Queen City of the South is through direct flights. You can check the following airlines for your references of schedules and rates: Cebu Pacific, Zest Air, Philippine Airlines, or AirPhil Express.

It is advisable to purchase plane tickets during seat sales; for me, I do not buy tickets more expensive than Php350.00. I got the Manila-Cebu and Tagbilaran-Manila tickets for Php700.00 in total.

Roaming Around the City:
One can explore Cebu City by utilizing the available public transportation. Top and more convenient choice, is renting a taxi. This is advisable for groups of 4 and above. Use your haggling skills. We got our Cebu City Tour which includes a visit to Lapu-Lapu Shrine, Fort San Pedro, and CNT Lechon for Php500.00/4 pax.

Another option is to ride the multicab. Multicab is the popular and no. 1 public transpo in Cebu City. Make sure to bring exact fare only especially if you do not know how to speak Bisaya.

The following are the Important Words you need to remember while roaming the city:
- means Please. This is used when you're paying and you're sitting far from the driver; term to ask someone to get the fare from you to the driver.

Lugar Lang
- means "Para" in Tagalog. This is used to indicate to pull over to stop.

- means "Saan" in Tagalog. This term is used by the driver to ask where you are heading.

Where to Stay in Cebu:
*Sampaguita Suites JRG
  Contact Info: (47) 2529978, (02) 4044784, 09228830006, 09237222123, 09178328050, 09399080373
   Location: General Maxillom Avenue (Mango Avenue), Cebu City

*Sampaguita Suites Plaza Garcia
  Contact Info: (47) 2529978, (02) 4044784, 09228830006, 09237222123, 09178328050, 09399080373
   Location: Magallanes St., Cebu City (near Sto. Nino Basilica and Magellan's Cross)

Where to Go/What to Do's in Cebu City:
* Pay a visit at Basilica del Sto. Nino Church
* Take pictures of the famous Magellan's Cross
* Get High at Skywalk and Edge Coaster Ride
A Busy Thursday Morning at Basilica del Sto. Nino Church

At long last, I got to see the famous Magellan's Cross. I'd been seeing this in books and postcards only. Weeheehoo!

Want to see Cebu City? Then view it from top. :)
Getting High at Edge Coaster Ride

Where to Eat in Cebu City:
* CNT Lechon
* Casa Verde

See also: A Quick Stop at the Queen City of the South: A 1 Day Cebu City Travel Guide

How to Get to Bohol:
From Cebu City, you can ride a ferry going to Tagbilaran. A fast ride would approximately be about an hour and a half through Ocean Jet.

Where to Stay in Bohol:
* Cherry Homes Too
   Contact Info: (38) 5024049, 09088921412, 09497172333
   Email Address:

* El Portal Inn
   Contact Info: (38) 4112124, (38) 5010744, 09287591352
   Email Address:

Where to Go/What to Do's in Bohol:* Visit the Blood Compact Site
* Pay a visit to Baclayon Church
* Meet Prony (the Giant Python)
* Have lunch at Loboc River Cruise
* Visit the famous Chocolate Hills.
* Play with friends at the Man-Made Forest.
* Find Tarsiers.
* Watch Dolphins.
* Snorkel/dive at Balicasag Island.
* Do island hopping.
* Experience the Adventure at EAT Danao.

Me and my friends at the famous Chocolate Hills :)

Photo Ops at the Blood Compact Site

We were all required to wear Sarong inside the Baclayon Church.
Remember: No shorts and mini-skirts allowed

I am really scared of snakes. So meeting Prony is not really my favorite. Tsk!

Enjoying a sumptuous lunch at Loboc River.

Our quest to meet the smallest primate in the world, Tarsier - Success!

My barkada at the Virgin Island :)

Lovely dolphins playing in the middle of Bohol Sea

Loving the adventure at E.A.T. Danao

Itinerary for 5 Days/4 Nights:

Here's the Budget for this 5-Day-4-Night-Cebu-Bohol-Trip:
(Budget updated as of August 2012. Van rental fee in Bohol is Php3000-Php3500.00, budget computed for 8 pax, van is good for 10-13pax. Taxi Fares in Cebu City not included since it will depend on the destination; if cabs are utilized, 4 pax per taxi, share per pax will be around Php37-Php50.00 only)
Other Expenses (Optional):
Souvenir picture in Edge Coaster Ride and Skywalk Extreme Adventure is Php250.00/shot.
Bohol Bee Farm Ice Cream at the Buzzz Cafe (Loboc River) is Php50.00 for 2 scoops.
Donation at Tarsier Sanctuary in Carmen.
Souvenir Shirts from Cebu & Bohol will cost Php100-Php150 each.


Friendly Tips/Things to Remember/Important Info
(Whatever you might wanna call it, READ it):

* For budget travelers, don't take cabs in front of Mactan International Airport. For cheap taxi service (metered taxi), go straight to the Exit area and cross the street. On the other side of the street, you're going to see stairs that lead to a small white tent where you can wait for a cab. Fare should be Php200 and below only.

* Make sure to specifically tell the taxi driver to which Sampaguita Suites you are headed to. There are 2 Sampaguita Suites in Cebu. One is near Fuente Osmena (Sampaguita Suites JRG) and the other one is near Basilica de Sto. Nino. Though, both are of good quality and great value for money, do not forget to consider your itinerary. If you're planning to do the Skywalk Extreme Adventure & Edge Coaster Ride at Crown Regency Hotel, then a dinner at Casa Verde, a stay in Sampaguita Suites JRG is recommended.

* Much better to do the Skywalk Extreme Adventure before riding the Edge Coaster. The 360-degree-night-view while you are on that Edge Coaster Ride is very captivating.

* Do not forget to pee before doing The Plunge.

* Bring waterproof/swimming shoes and goggles if you have; renting these gears for the snorkeling activity will cost Php250.00/pax.

* There's a lot of cheap car rentals in Bohol (van or car), but I highly recommend this guy with contact number 09059691947. I forgot his exact name though because we just called him "Kuyang Masayahin". He is very knowledgeable about Bohol, its history, secret hideaways, and stories from the locals. He is very friendly, accommodating, and is willing to make adjustments with the itinerary just for your group to enjoy your Bohol tour. He is also an instant photographer and Bohol dialect tutor at the same time. (The driver that we hired on our first day in Bohol was so snob and kept on complaining. Sure, you do not want someone who keeps on ranting while you are on a roadtrip,  right?)


  1. this is a very comprehensive IT for these places! very useful sya Mitch! The photos are impressively beautiful

  2. Chasing PhilippinesSunday, July 08, 2012

    @ Doc Wends,

    Thanks Doc! Still working on the budget summary here to make it more comprehensive. :)

  3. Hi! Did you avail of a package tour or this is a DIY IT?? We will be visiting Bohol and Cebu on November and it is a 5-day tour. I want to experience everything that is written here in your IT, as in every bit of it! If it's ok, I want to seek your help so we could experience the same tour as yours. Any help from you will be very much appreciated! Thank you! Your photos are super nice =)

  4. Chasing PhilippinesSunday, July 15, 2012

    Hi Hannah! :)

    This is a DIY Itinerary. With this itinerary, you'll experience the 3 sides of Bohol - Countryside, Island Hopping, and Adventure. I'll be posting the budget real soon, I am working on it.

    Thanks for reading my blog. =)

  5. If you could also give me contact nos. of van drivers/tour guides/hotels you checked-in. Here is my e-mail, Thank you very, very much! =)

  6. Chasing PhilippinesTuesday, July 17, 2012

    @ Hannah,

    sure no problem. i'll be posting the budget and also the contact persons soon. ill keep you updated, thanks.

  7. Hello! :)
    Hope you can also post details on the budget per activity. Surely helps a lot!

  8. Hi, i'm also waiting for the budget per activity. hope you'll post it soon. Thanks! :D

  9. Chasing PhilippinesMonday, August 06, 2012

    Budget added. :)

  10. Thanks a lot! Big help =)

  11. Hi, may I ask for the contact numbers of the van/taxi rentals both in Cebu and Bohol? Thank you!:)

  12. Hi, this itinerary is a big help to us since we'll also be having a 5-day Cebu-Bohol trip. We'll be waiting for the contact numbers. Thanks a lot! :)

  13. Hi, This is very helpful to me as well because we are planning a Cebu/Bohol tour this coming

    It is very much appreciated if you can give me the contact numbers for tour guide/accomodation kindly email me at

    Thanks alot!

  14. Hi, This is very helpful to me as well because we are planning a Cebu/Bohol tour this coming November for 5 days

    It is very much appreciated if you can give me the contact numbers for tour guide/accommodation kindly email me at

    Thanks a lot!

    God bless

  15. Wow, this was the most all-encompassing post about Cebu/Bohol I've ever seen! Good work !

  16. Chasing PhilippinesMonday, October 22, 2012

    @ Jeremy,

    Thanks a lot Sir!

  17. hi..this is great info! tnx.. just would like to know if how mch did u pay to kuyang masayahin for a whole day tour @ bohol..tnx

  18. hi where did you avail the tour in bohol?

  19. Happy to see your blog as it is just what I’ve looking for and excited to read all the posts. I am looking forward to another great article from you.

  20. I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and want you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts.

  21. Hi Mitch,
    I'm planning the itinerary for our Cebu-Bohol trip this July 4th. Contacted "Kuyang Masayahin" twice at 09059691947 and they said its a wrong number. :(
    Was hoping to get a good deal for van rental for 7pax..

  22. Great and exciting trip! I just think that 8000 for its price is sort of overpriced..

    1. Hi, we are planning to have our diy cebu bohol tour also this coming may 2015, and this blog is the most useful for us, for the 8000 price ... do you think this is still applicable this 2015? Thank you in advance for your replies awesome people ! :) we really need contact numbers for drivers, hotels, etc.

  23. Hi,

    This would still be applicable for your upcoming trip. Probably, there would only be some little changes on the pricing. But it should not be greater than 1-2k.

  24. Hi, how were you able to check in early at Sampaguita Suites? Thank you

  25. txt and email me for transfo hotel and tour guide phone number thanks

  26. hi,
    im planning to visit cebu april as a solo traveler.
    is there anyone can give me how much it will cost to visit those mentioned location, alone?
    really need your kind help.
    sampaguita suites would me my hotel.

    my mail:


  27. The budget is posted above. You may compute it w/o dividing it by group or number of pax.

  28. this helps a lot but i am so alone traveling

  29. Hi will be visiting Cebu on October 7 to 13 hope the budget u've listed is same as of now. By the way great itinerary!!!Cheerss

  30. hi can i ask if updated po ba ung budget na nkapost?

  31. Hi is manila-bohol-cebu bohol possible for 4d3n because I already booked a flight mnl-tagbilaran, tagbilaran-mnla, di bakami kakapusin sa oeas, any suggestion po?

    1. May kailangan po kayong i-cut na itinerary sa bohol para magkasya.

  32. Im travelling alone on the 26th of October this year, and I wanna use your DIY itinerary. big help! Anyone who is up to save more budget? LOL

  33. Hello nakita ko blog mo ganda. Punta kami sa oct 21 - 25. Can u help me and send itineraries, rate and xontact peraon to my email. Plsss. Its pede kaya isingit canyoneering jan. We are 11pax. Really appreciate it. Thank so much on advance

  34. Can i ask ur number po,,for reservation lng.

  35. ganda naman! maraming salamat sa pagbahagi nito!


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