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Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 Travels: Chasing Places Like It's the End of the World

Top Destinations for 2012, Top Philippine Getaways 2012, Top 10 Domestic and International Trips - Sure, in a few days time, your timeline will be bombarded with these tag lines, promise. But hey, they say, 2012 is different; some people say that it's the End of the World (it didn't happened yesterday though). But I hope everyone would always celebrate life like it's their last day on earth.

C'mon, let's reminisce the good times we had this year.

First time to watch the Igorot Ritual Dance and I love it!

Started my year meeting old Igorot people



at Sampaguita Beach, Batangas


A chillax weekend with the other travel bloggers. Thanks Azalea!

First time to join for some creepy Ghost Hunting in Baguio

Street Food Galore at Burnham Park


  It was in Sabang that I thought of settling down... for the first time.

Talking with people who shares the same passion of traveling gives me butterflies from time to time.

Our First Operation Palaboy in Magalawa Island

What's up Doc, Picture muna tayo!

Sharing the fun with my family at Virtual Zoo Manila

Had the opportunity to fulfill my ultimate dream - that is, to live with the Ifugao people for a week.

November & December are all about mountains, terraces, hiking, and toploads. :)
Left & Right Top photos - Batad Rice Terraces; Middle Left Photo - somewhere in Ifugao Province; Middle Right photo - Tappia Falls in Batad, Ifugao; Bottom - Toploading with Polish friends and travel blogger friends at Mayoyao, Ifugao.
In short, we chased the Ifugao in 360 degrees. =) 

Participated in the G.I.V.E. Ifugao Project with the other travel bloggers Heiz Ramos of Journeying Pinay, Miguel of  Byaheng Palos, Joanna Jane Liwag of  The Backpack Chronicles, and Ian dela Pena of Brownman Trips.

Participated in SBMG's Christmas Charity for 2012 at Sitio Casili and Sitio Inigan in Rizal

Note: Trips outside the Philippines are not included for the obvious reason.

God, Thank You for all the blessings!
Thanks for all the safe travels.

This is my entry for Pinoy Travel Bloggers' Blog Carnival
for the month of December with the theme

'The Year We Traveled Like It's the End of the World'

hosted by Gay Mitra-Emami of Pinay Travel Junkie 
and Regine Camille Garcia of Between Coordinates.


  1. Wow, you really had a great journey in 2012. Nice photos by the way.

  2. powerpacked 2012! cheers!

    naalala ko tuloy ulit na natalo tayo nila darwin, byron, at ivan. kainis!!! hehe

  3. What a great way to spend a year! Here's to more chasing in 2013!

  4. Chasing PhilippinesSunday, December 23, 2012

    @ Franc Ramon,

    Thanks! :)
    Indeed, it was really a great journey.
    A lot of blessings too. :)

  5. Chasing PhilippinesSunday, December 23, 2012

    Cheers Chyng!

    Hahaha! Lesson: Wag i-underestimate ang mga boys sa pagluluto at sa food presentation. Hehehe

    Naalala ko din na may plantsa sa room nila. :p

  6. Chasing PhilippinesSunday, December 23, 2012

    Thanks Reiza!

    More chases for 2013!

  7. What a great 2012 and expecting an even better 2013. Sabe mo nga 'work hard and travel harder'

  8. Great photos and a spectacular year of travels! Very nice! :)

  9. What a great year you had! Looks like you're set to travel more in 2013. I hope I could do the same

  10. Indeed a travel-filled year for you!

  11. looks like it's the year of travel for you! glad you enjoyed the company of fellow travel bloggers. have a blessed Christmas! :)

  12. i really very year ender you have there! 2012 has been a year of travel for you! may you travel more on 2013!

  13. Great photos! Where is Gulugod Baboy? Was that picture taken from the roof of Diplomat?

  14. Dapat ang tag-line mo, Ms Mich, ay "Chase me if you can!" Hehe. Di kita ma-chase, andami mong lakad. Anyway, here's to hoping for more travels next year. Happy holidays!

  15. Chasing PhilippinesMonday, December 24, 2012


    Right. "Work Hard, Travel Harder" :)
    Ipon mode ulit ng VL hehe

  16. Chasing PhilippinesWednesday, December 26, 2012

    @ thepinaysolobackpacker,

    Have a blessed holidays too! :)
    Yup, got blessed with a lot of trips this year. Hope to meet and travel with you this coming 2013. :)

  17. Chasing PhilippinesWednesday, December 26, 2012

    @ Ephraim Arriesgado,

    thanks po! Happy Holidays! =)

  18. Chasing PhilippinesWednesday, December 26, 2012

    @ Alwin Aguirre,

    Hope magdilang anghel ka, sana nga more trips for 2013...
    You can travel a lot din, kaya mo yan... time management and VL management siguro :p

  19. Chasing PhilippinesWednesday, December 26, 2012

    @ Sole Pendulum & Nik Rielo,

    Thanks po =)

  20. Chasing PhilippinesWednesday, December 26, 2012

    @ fyhmd,

    Mount Gulugod Baboy is in Mabini Batangas.
    Yes, that Diplomat picture was taken at the hotel's rooftop

  21. Chasing PhilippinesWednesday, December 26, 2012

    @ Ryan Mach,

    Chase me if you can talaga ah. hehe
    Mas madami kang trips sir, hehe
    Cheers to more trips next year!

  22. Guess you were taking a break from traveling for the months of July to September. I love your virtual zoo photo. I think I'd like to bring my family there too next year. :)

  23. Chasing PhilippinesWednesday, December 26, 2012

    @ special education philippines,

    I cancelled all my trips on those months because of typhoons and all. Got traumatized also when I got stranded during that Habagat season.

  24. These are really Great Pictures, you do travel a lot. Have you visit all the island in Philippines.

  25. aww! ang travel-filled ng 2012 mo! inggit ako sa Give Ifugao project, sa totoo lang. :(
    nagbanaue ka pa! haha someday! happy new year, Mich! and cheers to more travels sayo!

  26. Chasing PhilippinesSunday, December 30, 2012

    Brenna, Happy New Year din, cheers to more travels this 2013! Sorry di ako naka-attend nung 2nd Travel Massive :)

  27. hey hey! it was good to finally got the chance to travel with you though on a large group. let's do tandem trip this year!

    kakatuwa sa picture mo sa puerto princesa na naglalakad sa kahoy.

    salamat sa support sa PHL360

  28. I love your Mount Gulugod Baboy shot! =)

    Happy New Year! Here's to another year of amazing travels!

  29. Happy New Year, Mich! Nag-enjoy ka ng husto sa 2012 obviously. Hope it continues in 2013 :)

  30. Chasing PhilippinesTuesday, January 01, 2013

    Idol Dong Ho!

    Im glad got the chance to travel with PTB at the start of 2012, gandang Buena Mano eh :)

    eeee... sana makasama ako sa inyo one time, anywhere North dun sa pinuntahan nyo Kabayan, Kalinga, Benguet, di ko alam (not really good in maps, sorry)

  31. Chasing PhilippinesTuesday, January 01, 2013

    @ Drew,

    Happy New Year Sir! More trips for all of us! :)

  32. Chasing PhilippinesTuesday, January 01, 2013

    @ Claire | Traveling Light,

    Happy New Year, hope I can join one of your trips this year. God bless always!

  33. Hindi ka masyadong nakagala ng 2012 noh? Hahaha. Grabe it was a pleasure meeting you guys last year. I miss you guys!!! Hope to travel with you "CRAZY PEOPLE" again in the future. See you next GIVE. Atsaka Happy New Year Mich!

  34. Wow! ang galing naman ang dami nyong napuntahan! gusto ko rin maging ganto ka adventurous kaso lang may pagka kuripot ako. I always wait for Metrodeal's discounts bago umalis at magpabook! :)

  35. Ang daming happy moments last year! Cheers to more travels this year. I hope to see you on the road this year :) I like the photos esp the Pinatubo - very captivating :)

  36. Chasing PhilippinesWednesday, January 02, 2013

    @ joan | the backpack chronicles,

    Nice meeting and traveling with you bunch of crazy people. Haha
    Kakaibang experience yun, sobra! Ifugao 360.
    With all the gutom, ligaw, stranded, uhaw, POLVORON, buwis-buhay trails, but everything's very rewarding and fulfilling.

    Kitakits naman nila Heiz, Ian, and Miguel, nakakamiss kayo!

  37. Chasing PhilippinesWednesday, January 02, 2013

    @ Zach's Mom,

    Everything's possible po. Akala ko din dati pangarap lang and imagination na makaalis ako. Pero now, ang dami-daming trips, nakakatuwa. :)

  38. Chasing PhilippinesWednesday, January 02, 2013

    @ Escape Manila,

    That's my fave photo too. Seems like Im inside a very beautiful painting. The place is just so magnificent!

  39. Happy 2013!!Add TAAL(BATANGAS)HERITAGE TOWN to your list of adventures this year!

  40. Chasing PhilippinesWednesday, January 02, 2013

    @ Dan Moreno,

    Thanks for that suggestion Sir, I will. Actually, Id like to trek to Taal Crater.

  41. mukhang masaya yung gulugod baboy sana makaakyat din ako ang tamad ko kasi hehehe! at gusto ko din mag magalawa. very great 2012 experience! happy new year! cheers! :)

  42. " It was in Sabang that I thought of settling down... for the first time."--I had the same thought when we visited the twin lagoon in Coron. Sabe ko parang ang sarap magpakasal dito tapos Avatar-themed wedding haha Iba, iba ang magic ng Palawan =)

  43. Chasing PhilippinesFriday, January 04, 2013

    @ adventurousfeet,

    Masaya sa Gulugod Baboy at the best pa ang halo-halo!!! :)
    Happy New Year! :)

  44. Chasing PhilippinesFriday, January 04, 2013

    @ thejoysofjourneying,

    Iba yung magic sa Palawan, i dont know how to exactly explain it. Ang simple simple ng buhay dun.

  45. You had a really full year, ha. Hope 2013 will be better. Happy new year, Mich!

  46. Chasing PhilippinesSunday, January 06, 2013

    Thanks Aleah!

    Happy New Year too! =)

  47. Hi Mich! Bet na bet ko lahat ng photos mo! :D
    loooove the emote! :D magkakasundo tayo diyan!
    happy new year!

  48. I admire you for your advocacy. :)

    And your trips to the north are amazing. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  49. Chasing PhilippinesWednesday, January 09, 2013

    @ Eileen Campos/ Possibly Pinay,

    Happy New Year Eileen!
    Hehe mahilig talaga ako mag-emote :P

  50. Chasing PhilippinesWednesday, January 09, 2013

    @ Kat,

    not really my idea po. I was just one of the participants. But it was really my dream eversince to do something like that =)

  51. wow, you have a great journey in 2012 po. Keep traveling po and more travel this 2013.

  52. ` Just seeing your photos, i know that you really had a great fun :) .
    Wish to be like you, i admired you..


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