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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

TravelBuddy: Travel in Style, Proud Pinay Featuring Janica Magsalin of Allthingswonderful

Since its Indepence Day, I thought of coming up with a new series here on my blog... something that would somehow feature the fruit of Freedom and the beauty of our country at the same time. Every month, I will be featuring random people who love to chase their dreams and the Philippines, what about that, huh?

And as a "buena-mano", here's Janica Magsalin of Allthingswonderful, a former classmate, groupmate, thesismate, close friend, and definitely a certified travel bud...

1. Where do you go to unwind?
Places with old structures, ruins, and museums are my first pick. I love going to antique shops or places with old interiors and architectures. It’s just so mysterious; it seems that there is always an interesting story behind a piece or place. Calle Crisologo in Vigan is one of the most beautiful old structures I have ever seen.

2. What do you always bring with you when you travel? 
My Inhaler, Candies, and Camera

3. What inspires you to Travel?
People who are Traveler’s themselves inspire me to go and explore the world out there. They are instruments of God in making other people see how beautiful our world is. The world is just so perfect that probably, our lifetime is not enough to discover every inch of it.

4. Describe your most memorable trip?
A crazy cruise ship bringing me to four different countries in five days. The whole trip was lovely and luxurious; every part of it was like a scene in a movie. For an average traveler like me, getting on a luxury ship is absolutely a one of a kind travel experience.

5. What’s your travel style?
I always want to explore old places, structures, and museums. Since traveling through these places is an ultimate “walkaton” I often prefer to wear shirts, shorts, and skirts in vibrant hues and prints. I finalize my outfit with complimenting bead accessories to complete my overall look. Traveling with a coordinated outfit for me is a must because I always want to look good in pictures. Imagine posing in a magnificent place in a terrible outfit, it will just ruin the portrait.

But wait, there's more! :)
As Janica's way of celebrating freedom and style, we'll be giving away some of her collection that depicts the colors of our Philippine Flag. So, what are you waiting for? Wear our colors loud and proud!

Happy Independence Day everyone!  

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  2. Your idea is really cool to featuring random people who love to chase their dreams. The story from today is amazing. I think she had some fun, espeacilly when she travel in 4 countries in 5 days. That has to be awesome. For me, the most wonderful travel is to Sofia, Bulgaria :)

  3. Nice feature. There's something about ruins, antiques and museum makes it really a mystical place to visit.

  4. Hope I could also get featured in a blog like this! Dreaming:) Glad to know that more and more people are getting fascinated with ruins and heritage-rich places.

  5. General Santos, Sarangani & Davao! It is unpolluted!

  6. 1.La Union- because it's my hometown, there's no place like home!
    2.Palawan- All the pictures i see on the web of this place are breathtaking!
    3.Vigan- Would definitely be like one of those scenes in a classic movie!

  7. 4 different countries in 5 days is epic! I wish I can experience that too :)

  8. I love what she said about her inspiration. I also love reading travel blogs because it gets me to beautiful places I dream of and seeing pictures from different places with magnificent views is very relaxing.

  9. This is inspiring! I love travel blogs coz I get to visit places through other people. The accessories also are pretty cool!

  10. 4 countries in 5 days? That is so cool! I also love going places to see the beauty of nature and to learn about theri culture.

  11. Sharing insights about Philippines' rich and vast cultures should be the foremost objective of every travel blogger.

  12. http://www.rdacio.comTuesday, June 18, 2013

    It's good to know travel bloggers who are fascinated with old places, structures, cultures and museums. May your friend be an inspiration to other travel bloggers.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. I can relate with her at peace among ruins. Me too. :) love her style.. gorgeous.


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