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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Chasing Philippines Goes to Blogapalooza 2013

It's another first for Chasing Philippines. :)
What is Blogapalooza?
Blogapalooza is an annual blogger event where the big and small businesses have the chance to present their product/brand to hundreds of most influential bloggers and social media influencers. This event is spearheaded by Vince Golangco of

Only the most influential social media influencers are invited in this exclusive event. A screening is being done based on Twitter and Facebook followers, etc. So, with that being said, a little "ehem" here. Kidding aside, for the past 2 years, I tried to get an invite for this exclusive event but I had never been invited due to some qualifications not met. So for 2013, a big thanks to all the readers and followers of Chasing Philippines in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Let me give you a big big hug! :)

Just the mere fact of being invited was already overwhelming for me, what more of experiencing the Blogapalooza for the first time, right?! Imagine my smile all throughout while roaming around the booths of different companies.

Since Chasing Philippines is all about travel and Philippines, of course, I headed straight to Enjoy Philippines.
It was flattering when peeps from Enjoy Philippines told me that Chasing Philippines is one of their preferred blogs and that they have something for me. 

Woohoo! I just got this for free.
Enjoy Philippines is the country's premier privilege program with over 250 of the country's premium lifestyle brands in dining, nightlife, shopping, wellness, travel, living & learning, and automotive. The vouchers give the members a total of Php300,000 savings and discount all-year round. Members get the chance to regularly get 10%-50% off at hundreds of the best restaurants, clubs, stores, and hotels. Regular price is Php1995. For more information, you may visit their website 

Laughing Out Loud with Tim Tayag and the rest of the Comedy Cartel
I've been watching On Foot since I was highschool. It's my favorite travel show since it is so simple and not really the National Geographic type of travel show. The most fun travel show as I may say. 

So when I saw Tim Tayag on stage, I was so amused (I think I didn't even blink for 30 mins or so), I stopped roaming around and secured myself a seat in front of him. Hihi
Tim Tayag during his stint

a sophisticated stand-up comedy, indeed

And of course, I won't let this opportunity passed to have a picture with my crushie, 
the comic Tim Tayag.
Thank you Blogapalooza!

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