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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

PreNup Shoot in Burot Beach (Practice Shoot)

Burot Beach is not just a perfect destination for beach lovers but also a perfect location for prenup shoots and the likes. Well, what we had here in Burot was not really an official PreNup Shoot but a practice instead.

Some call it as the '365 Day Before the Wedding' shoot but whatever they call it, Burot Beach is highly recommended for those couples on a budget. Just get ready for the Php60.00 entrance fee per pax and that's it. You're ready to roll! No photoshoot fee. :)

Below are the samples:

Hope 'ma friends liked it. Best wishes Joey and Shem! :)

For more information about Burot Beach and detailed itinerary, read here:
Burot Beach: A Secret Beach in Calatagan


  1. What lens and camera did you use?

  2. How to go here? private car. for prenup. how much did u spent?

    1. The budget and how to get here info is on my other posts about Burot Beach.


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