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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Papaya River - Mt. Tarak, Mariveles Bataan

Papaya River is one of the campsites and the ONLY WATERSOURCE in Tarak (Mt. Mariveles).
And to answer the FAQ - no, you would not see even a single papaya tree around.

Papaya River is multi-layered. Knowing that it is the only water source in Tarak, hikers take a dip in the lower parts of the river near the campsites and keep the uppermost part untouched where hikers fetch their water.
A hiker on his way to fetch some clean water

Papaya River is one popular sidetrip too...
Having fun at Papaya River

... as well as a perfect stopover for Photo Ops
 My not-so-little-brother, Mark :)

A refreshing dip after a long hike

* If camping at the grassland, make sure to bring sufficient amount of water since Papaya River is about 2 and a half hour far.


  1. This is the perfect water source! Not only does it provide drinking water but it is also a venue where hikers can freshen up!


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