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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Aldub's 'Tamang Panahon': 'Kilig' Photos and Videos at Philippine Arena

October 24 is totally a day filled with happiness and good vibes as thousands of #AlDub fans gather at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan.
Philippine Arena is considered as the World's Largest Indoor Arena. Built in a 140-hectare tourism enterprise zone, Philippine Arena has a maximum capacity of 55,000 people.

Alright, enough of Philippine Arena details; I'm not going to be able to give you some travel guides or 'How to Get Here' info, 'coz the entire time, what I was trying to figure out was how to get to Alden and Maine's Dressing Room. :)

Are you Ready to Wait for the Right Time?
I am so proud to say that we got to buy these tickets immediately after it was announced in Eat Bulaga. Buying tickets for Tamang Panahon was like a 'fastest-finger' challenge because guess what - in less than an hour, the VIP Tickets were sold out. 
Nanananana Nananana Fantastic Baby!

Hi, Alden! Wait for us!

And... the CROWD went wild...

"Tamang Panahon: Live at Philippine Arena" has earned Php14 million and 100% of the ticket sales will proceed to the construction of Aldub Libraries all throughout the country.
Almost Sunset. Driving out of the parking lot even took us almost 2 hours but still, 
you can see the happiness on our faces. 
Woooh! Today is definitely a day to remember - full of positive vibes, smiles, hopes, and dream. 

Other Things that Happened in Philippine Arena:
- Walang nagtutulakan at nagsisingitan. Kung maunahan man nang hindi sinasadya, walang nagagalit.
- Parang kasal or graduation yung pupuntahan at inaabangan ng mga tao nung hindi pa nagsisimula, napaka big event nya at lahat masaya. Ang saya-saya!
- Hindi nag-iirapan ang mga babae sa CR. Hindi rin sila nagpapagandahan or yung tipong may aura na kulang na lang may bubble thoughts na nagsasabing, "Mas maganda ako sayo".
- People smile at each other.
- Nagsasabi rin ng "excuse me' ang mga tao nang may ngiti.
- People from different walks of life sitting side by side - crying, laughing, and dancing.
- 55,000 people in one gathering without judging each other. Aba! Mahirap na mangyari yun ah!

Pwede naman pala maging masaya ang mga tao at mag-unite eh, bakit hindi natin gawin araw-araw? Sana may Part 2. Yeah! Fantastic Baby!


  1. nice...nakakainggit..,.
    yung hipag ko nakakuha din ng VIP...saya siguro...
    Team Replay na lang ako...hahaha

    1. Ang saya sobra. Game na game lahat ng tao. :)
      Kailan ba replay?


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