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Friday, March 25, 2016

Balinmanok Beach: The Hidden Paradise of Pangasinan

At this point of time, I am sure you guys are searching for that perfect summer destination. Well, me too! Haha! Just like most of you, it seems like I am always in chase for the most beautiful places so I could bring my loved ones there.

Luckily, my family is always on the go and is always game for some adventure. Yes, they do not care about bumpy rough roads, lengthy boat rides, make-shift overnight camping, etc. Believe me, they accompanied me for more than 9 hours searching for Calaguas Island way back when it was still unknown to many. They also drove that long and winding rough road going to Burot to keep me company. I could say that they are the best travel buddies in the whole wide world. Simply the best!

Anyways, without further a do, let me share our most recent trip.
P.S. Don't worry, it's a budget travel.
Balinmanok Beach is along the coastline of Villa Balinmanok in Dasol, Pangasinan. Villa Balinmanok is composed of 3 private beach resorts owned by a family.

How to Get There:
by Public Transportation (a.k.a. Commute)
Take a bus bound to Alaminos; you may either take Victory Liner or Five Star. Fare is Php393/person. Travel time is around more than 6 hours. In Alaminos City, take a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Zambales and ask the driver/conductor to drop you off at Dasol, Pangasinan. Travel time from Alaminos to Dasol is approximately around 45 minutes. Fare is Php40/person. Once you reach Dasol Highway, you may hire a tricycle for Php300 good for 2 pax. Take note that the rate is for one-way only and the tricycle ride would take more than an hour.

Make sure to get the tricycle driver's contact number to schedule your pick after your stay; Villa Balinmanok is far from the city. :)

by Private Vehicle
From Manila, take EDSA and drive all the way to Balintawak Exit. Take NLEX, then SCTEX. Once you reach Tarlac, take the road going northwest to Alaminos via Camiling. Before reaching Alaminos town proper, take the short diversion road to Mabini then Burgos. At this point of time, use WAZE. :)
Look for the road leading to Villa Balinmanok; it is actually around 32 kms from the main road. This long and winding road is a combination of 90% newly-paved road and 10% rough road.

Travel time from Balintawak Exit to Balinmanok Beach is more or less 6 hours.

Disclaimer: I am not really good with directions but, you'll get there. Promise!

Balinmanok, at last!

Balinmanok is such a relief! It's a Batangas, a Calaguas, and a Burot Beach in one. Why? It has the comfort of Batangas (less the noise and crowd, of course), the ruggedness of Calaguas, and the accessibility of Burot. These are aside from the fact that the sand and the crystal clear water are the bomb.
Balinmanok is my new favorite beach!

And this is how clear the water is! :)

I love the feeling of exclusivity, in a sense that we had the entire Villa Balinmanok to ourselves. The place is not popular as other nearby beaches - and that's why I love it so much!

It's a perfect getaway if one wants to relax and have a quiet moment for a while...
Just because we have this beach for ourselves ONLY.

Where to Stay in Villa Balinmanok:
Villa Balinmanok is composed of 3 private beach resorts owned by a family. All resorts are nice to stay at with a wide variety of accommodations. We chose to spend our 3 days and 2 nights at Recudo 2 managed by Kuya Willy (09202694783) and Ate Linda (09161668438).

Recudo 2 is at the farthest part of Villa Balinmanok which makes them more secluded. It also has the most beautiful shoreline among the three resorts.

BMK in Recudo 2's welcome arch stands for Balinmanok

Option No 1. - One-Bedroom-Nipa-Huts
These consist of a bamboo double deck bed, an electric fan, a very small receiving area w/ table, and a common CR. Good for 2 to 3 persons for Php2000 a night.

Option No. 2 - Open Cottages
These open cottages come with day beds and may be rented either for day tour or overnight. Rate is at Php1500 a day/night.

Option No. 3 - Air conditioned One Bedroom Villa
This consists of 1 room with 2 beds (1 single and 1 double-sized bed), AC, electric fan, dining table, own kitchennete w/ stove and refrigerator, private CR. Good for 5 to 6 persons for Php3000 a night.

Option 4 - Airconditioned Two-Bedroom Villa
Rate is Php5500 a night good for 10 persons.

Option 5 - Non Airconditioned Family Villa
This consists of 2 double-sized beds (w/ extra beddings), 2 electric fans, dining table, own kitchen, and receiving area. Rate is Php3000 a night good for 10 persons.
Option No. 6 - Tent
You may either rent a tent or bring and pitch your own tent. Rate is Php150 for a maximum of 3 persons. You are free to use the cooking area and comfort room/shower. Not bad. Not bad at all. :)

A total of 4 common bathrooms and shower rooms (they have separate common bathrooms for gents and ladies) for guests in non-airconditioned accommodations including for those who opted to stay in tents.
They're all amazingly clean!

* Electricity is available 24/7.
* Strong mobile network signal including mobile data. Woohoo!
* No wifi available.
* No mosquitoes around. Promise!
* Make sure to bring all the things that you need. Villa Balinmanok is far from any convenience stores or market. Do make sure that you have everything that you need for your entire weekend menu.
* Island hopping is optional. Rate is Php1000/boat which is good for 7 pax. Ideal island hopping is 7AM - 12NN only.
* You may use the grill at the resort for NO CHARGE.
* You may buy fresh catch of fish and squid around 5AM in the morning. The boats dock at the far end of Villa Balinmanok.
* No need to bring your own potable water. Mineral water is available for Php40.00 only.
* Ice is available for sale - Php5.00 each.
* Entrance Fee is Php60.00/pax.
* In front of the non-airconditioned family villa is the most inviting seabed. Trust me!

Balinmanok is a certified good chase!
Tranquility at its best.

What I love most about Travel. :)


  1. Ang lapit ko (well malayo rin halos 3 hrs din) pero hindi ko pa masyadong kinakarir Pangasinan. Lagi ako nadidistract sa food :/

    1. Sarap naman din kasi talaga mag foodtrip. Haaist

      Dalhin mo si Badette dito :)

  2. May bayad po ba pagpitch ng own tent? Thanks

    1. Yes po. Pero depende pa rin sa haggling skills. :)

  3. ang pogi nmn nung kalbong bata! sigurado gwapo tatay nyan!

    1. Parang di naman pogi yung tatay. Hahahaha

  4. Hi, kaya po ba ng wigo ung road to this resort?

    1. Kaya naman po kaya lang pag dun na rough and rocky road, much better kung baba na kayo at lakarin na lang hanggang sa resort.

  5. Saan iiwanan ang sasakyan kung di pwedeng sa tabi ng mga cottages?

    1. Pwede po sa tabi mismo ng cottages. Iwas lang sa puno ng niyog

  6. So, if I don't bring my provisions there's no place where I could buy food at all? I don't feel like cooking anything on vacation, you see. Also, can you confirm that even with Option 1 accommodation, the toilet and bath would still have to be the one outside (as pictured)?

  7. Are pets allowed in the area? Thanks

  8. Are pets allowed in the area? Thanks

  9. Hello, may I ask, do they allow pets here? Thank you, kindly contact me please...09271338004, also bonfire isn't advisable but can be done siguro if not so big? thanks!

  10. Hello. Is there a fee to use the kitchen? Thanks

  11. Hello. Is there a fee to use the kitchen? Thanks

  12. how many hours drive po ito mula baguio?

  13. Hello po, tanong lang po, are there any activities po ba na pwedeng gawin except island hopping? Is it allowed to stay on the beach at night po?

  14. Hello there, thank you for sharing. I've just called Kuya Willy and asked him to book me an air-con room he told me i have to deposit 50% reservation fee. May I ask how is the security of the resort at night, are we safe?

    1. Yes, okay naman po security ng place. Safe naman po.

  15. Called Kuya Willy, he offered a 3 bedroom house for 14,000/night. I guess he's increased the rates since writing of this blog.

    1. We went back last week of November, same rates pa rin naman. I think the one that you inquired for was not included on my list here - thanks for the info.

  16. rip off naman mga price ng cottage at rooms. mas mura pa sa boracay at palawan.

    1. Possibly.

      But if you're from Manila, we could agree that we cant always get cheap airfares to Palawan or Boracay. That's actually the mere advantage. :)

  17. How much po yung rent sa room na pwede pagstayan for whole day lang. we prefer room kasi 2 lang kami baka mawala pag open cottages . pleaseee sana magreply kayo

  18. How much po yung rent sa room na pwede pagstayan for whole day lang. we prefer room kasi 2 lang kami baka mawala pag open cottages . pleaseee sana magreply kayo

    1. No difference po sa rate ng rooms kung day or overnight po.

  19. hello po ung sa cottage na 2k for 3pax... 5 po kmi how much additional?
    anu pong contact number nyo for reservation?


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