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Monday, June 27, 2016

Sponsored Video: Discover and Crave for the NEW Ice Cream Layers You Never Knew Existed! Nestle Drumstick

Woah! This is cool! I have got to see the latest and I think the coolest ad of Nestle Drumstick. And hey, I can say that, yes, it was indeed Funner than Ever!

Take a quick look on Nestle Drumstick's newest video ad:

Done? Are you guys still okay?
I bet you have been drooling for Nestle Drumstick Choco Brownie Fudge, now. This video is crazy! It might not work like neither an app nor a virtual reality video but it  makes one think that it's interactive because of letting the audience engage on exploring the different layers of Nestle Drumstick by hovering that navigation icon on Nestle Drumstick.

It is definitely so much fun exploring and discovering every delectable layer of this Level-Up Nestle Drumstick experience. Every delicious detail of this ice cream is worth drooling for! Haha!

Grabbed from Nestle Drumstick official Facebook Account

The theme of the video is exactly how people are into nowadays - Explore and Travel. Just like the wonders of discovering and traveling to new places, probably, the reason for existence of this newest ice cream is to give one a funner than ever life experience which will bring one to a different high.
Grabbed from Nestle Drumstick official Facebook Account

You might have not considered it yet but Nestle Drumstick could be the best travel companion ever for your Funner Than Ever trips this year. It is cool, jam-packed, and not so demanding. Highly recommended for summer, and since it is Forever Summer here in the beautiful country, Philippines - this is perfect!

Oh, I forgot, rainy season is coming but do not fret, you can still definitely explore places and enjoy Nestle Drumstick no matter the weather is. And even how simple your day will be - a weekend at home, a day at the office, 3 hours in traffic, etc, Nestle Drumstick would definitely make any part of your day Funner than Ever.
Grabbed from Nestle Drumstick official Facebook Account

So what are you waiting for? Grab one now!
I just did. Enjoy! :)

***** This post has been sponsored by Nestle, but all the thoughts are my own.

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