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Bucket List

Since I love writing and making lists, not mentioning the real reason that I have this 16mb memory (which only means that my memory box is too small, I always forget things easily), I came up with this 'Bucket List' to write down and make it easier for me to remind myself of my Things To Do's, Wanna-Do's, Dreams, Wishes, or Whatever-you-wanna-call-it.

I know I can tick them off one by one someday. =)

Disclaimer: This part of my blog could at least explain why I always have this handy-dandy notebook with me (Please Boss and colleagues, it's not a 'Dear-Diary-Type').

*Lose weight again... target: 50kg
*Learn how to use Chopsticks. Teach me, please?
*Go to Angkor Wat
*Write a book
*Learn to swim
*Renew passport!
*Shoot waterfalls (Hoping to achieve that cloudy effect)
*Get serious w/ Photography.
*Surf baby!
*Buy a new camera - D90 or D7000. (Will be working for that this 2012)
*Get married in Sabang (at the age of 30) :D
*Buy my own house.
*Own a tent.
*Do another Videoke concert. Sing songs from A-Z.
*Watch ASAP live.
*Get published. - Juan Magazine & Travel Time. Thanks a lot! :)
*Get a flash for my camera.
*To have a collection of John Lloyd movies.
*Learn how to ride ziplines ng pabaliktad.
*Cliff Diving.
*Try Bungee Jumping. - tried The Plunge, August 2011
*To experience Sagada for about a week or 2.
*Join a fun run. - Joined Run for Ilog Pasig & Milo Marathon =).
***Join a Trail Run this time.
*Get my first tattoo (if and only if done by the last Mambabatok in Kalinga).
*Climb! - done w/ Mt. Pulag, Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Mt. Maculot, Mt. Banoy, Mt. Batulao, Tarak Ridge
***Climb more! :P
*Prepare a Christmas Party for lolos and lolas.
*Have a collection of Disney Fairy Tale Movies.
*Travel by bike. :)
*Go back to Thailand. - Weee! a 7 day getaway to Bangkok, Pattaya, Chonburi, and Sriratcha, May 2012
***Go back to Thailand again and again and again. :)
*Witness the sunrise in Kiltepan.
*Live with the Igorots.
*See my little brother graduate in College.
*Go to Disneyland.
*Get to the Peak of Mt. Pulag. - Joined a Fun Climb w/ the Sablay Bakod Mountaineering Group, November 2011


  1. maam mt.manalmon is waiting for you hehehe me cliff diving din dun
    marlo vistan

  2. See Paragliding at Caramona

  3. David saw this and said.... Good luck on 50 kilos and eat your vegetables!!! Haha! ~ Anonymous David

  4. Start making a list of your songs from A-Z! That should be done before you turn 29 this year.. :)

  5. Very informative and encouraging travel blog Mich. Angkor Wat and Thailand? You can do it in one and travel to the other by land. I challenged myself doing Bangkok->Angkor->Bangkok with US$150 budget during peak season. I suggest you do it off-peak and with a group of 4. Theres even a train from Cambodia border to bangkok for less than 100 pesos!

    1. Wow! Thank you for sharing those tips. Hope to finally do 'em this year. :)


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